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    New Year, New Trends:

    Here's What's Hot For 2023 Food & Bev

    2023 is finally here and we are ready to kickstart our resolutions with clean-label. Our Wellness Experts gave us the inside scoop on the most innovative, flavorful, cutting-edge food & beverage trends that will be taking the world by storm in 2023. 


    Spice it Up

    BUBBLE Food Trend - Spice it Up

    Gone are the days of just simple spices. Folks have finally realized that there are better ways to spice up your cooking game besides using garlic salt. This year, we anticipate a large push for ingredients that provide a kick; like Chai, Chili, and Masala and more. With many brands making waves online and in retail food space, home cooks are ready to expand their pantry staples to include flavors from all around the world. Jing Gao, founder of Fly By Jing (a consistent best sellers on BUBBLE), said to Forbes in 2022, Our success to-date has allowed me to prove that great flavors are universal, and that there is a place for nuanced complexity in marginalized cuisines and cultures."
    Kanira - Chai Spice Mini Breakfast BiscuitsFly By Jing - Sichuan Chili CrispConfusion Popcorn - Black Truffle Masala Popcorn
    Upgrade you pantry: Spice up your flavor game with Fly By Jing's Sichuan Chili Crisp. We love to add it to veggies dumplings, and even ice cream! Want to kickstart your morning? Check out these Kanira Chai Spice Mini Breakfast Biscuits! Perfect for dunking into your morning tea or coffee, and loaded with that spicy + sweet chai kick. Or, elevate your snacking game with Confusion Popcorn! Their Black Truffle Masala Popcorn is a BUBBLE staff fave. Just one bite and you'll want to eat the whole bag.


    Keep it Kelp

    2023 BUBBLE Food Trends - Keep it Kelp

    Move over Kale, it's Seaweeds time to shine. This year, we've noticed maaaajor spikes in the seaweed fan base – and, rightfully so. This superfood of the sea is loaded with unmatched antioxidants to help your body feels it's best, naturally. According to Registered Dietitian, Kristy Del Coro, seaweed "offers gut and heart health benefits, help support a strong and healthy immune system, boost cognitive functioning, and fight inflammation." With several new innovative ways to consume seaweed hitting the food space, we're exciting to see how we can add it into our daily routine.

    Akua - Vegan Kelp BurgerSeamade - Cranberry Almond Kelp Energy BarLaka Living - Adaptogenic Mushroom + Seaweed Seasoning

    Stock Up On Seaweed: A customer fave this summer, we recommend trying out Vegan Kelp Burgers from Akua. A plant-based take on a dinner time classic, these burgers are loaded with umami flavors. For a sweet experience, check out these Seamade Cranberry Almond Kelp Energy Bar. Combined with organic cranberries, almonds and wildflower honey, to create a snack bar that pairs well with any occasion. Looking to upgrade your seasoning drawer? Try this Adaptogenic Mushroom + Seaweed Seasoning from Laka. Perfect for adding on top of veggies, eggs, proteins and more!


    Functional Fizz

    2023 BUBBLE Food Trend - Functional Fizz

    Let's be honest...we're all obsessed with sparkling water. This year, we noticed the sparkling beverage industry explode with the addition of "better beverages" – an equally as delicious sparkling water packed with adaptogens, botanicals, and antioxidants. As non-alc began to trend, we celebrities like Blake Lively, Venessa Hudgens and Bella Hadid release their own versions of functional fizz. Insider Journalist, Allana Akhtar, wrote "The booze-free trend extends beyond celebrities. Millennials and Gen Z drink less alcohol than Boomers did at their age..." With this change in societal drinking preference, we anticipate you'll see many more brands emerge in this beverage category.

    SANS - Adaptogenic Dragon Ginger Beverage PARCH - PARCH™ Prickly Paloma Non-Alc Agave MocktailMoment - Blood Orange Ashwagandha Botanical Water

    Our fave fizz: A new celebrity beverage launch is SANS, founded by Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider. with asian inspired flavors and adaptogenic benefits, it's a great non-alc substitute. A routine customer favorite is Moment. With over five different flavors to choose from and different adaptogenic benefits in each, there's something for everyone. Want to try them all? Check out their variety pack! Or, spice things up with a Prickly Paloma Adaptogenic Mocktail from PARCH. These agave sweetened mocktails are the perfect non-alc substitute, with flavors of grapefruit, lime and hibiscus!


     Get Gut Healthy

    2023 BUBBLE Food Trends - Gut Health

    The rise of Gut Health is HERE, and we are all for it. From Dietitians to viral TikTok videos, gut health brands are finally getting a permanent, much deserved space in the food system. The best part? It's not just supplements anymore! Brand have found a way to incorporate pre/pro-biotics, plant based dietary fibers and more into delicious foods and beverage -- making the prioritization of your gut that much easier.

    Coconut Cult - Chocolate Mousse Probiotic Coconut YogurtSuperfrau - Pineapple Ginger Super DrinkDalci - Brownie Variety Pack


    Gut-health goodness: New to gut health foods? Try viral brand The Coconut Cult Probiotic Yogurt - Chocolate Mousse. With over 2 million active culture per servings, it's a gut health go-to. Love a sweet treat but don't want it to effect your gut? Dalci Dark Chocolate Brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, making them the perfect way to curb a sweet tooth while preserving your gut health. Want to keep with the classics? Enjoy Superfrau's Pineapple Ginger Super Drink, a prebiotic beverage loaded with nutrients to help your gut feel it's best.


    Bread is Back

    2023 BUBBLE Food Trends - Bread

    With the rise of keto diets and celiac disease over the past few years, bread took a back seat for the past few years. But now, as more gluten-free and artisan loafs become , Bread is back and she's better than ever before. Even Billie Eilish took to the internet to tell everyone about her most loved bread brands. Want to know what we would suggest to her? Check out our Tiktok.

    Pagel - Everythin Paleo BagelYoung Kobra - Gluten-Free Sourdough Olive Herb Half LoafBreadsie Bakery - Sandwich Style Artisanal Sourdough Country Bread


    Bread to Buy: Hope on the gluten-free bread train with this Pagel's Everything Paleo Bagel. These bagels are completely gluten-free and grain-free, making them the perfect allergen-friendly way to start your day. Want to spice up your bread game? Try this Gluten-Free Sourdough Olive + Herb Half Loaf from Young Kobra. Great for sandwiches, dips, or even straight from the toaster. Love a standard bread loaf? Go for the classic Sandwich Style Country Bread from our friends at Breadsie. Soft, pillowy and loaded with nutrients from sesame, flax and sunflower seed.

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