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Young Kobras

San Carlos, CA

Gluten-Free Sourdough Olive Herb Half Loaf (Pack)

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sourdough starter (water, brown rice flour*), sorghum flour*, millet flour*, tapioca flour*, green olives*, psyllium husk*, apple cider vinegar*, sea salt, rosemary*
*organic ingredient

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This product only ships Monday-Wednesday to ensure freshness. Refrigerate upon arrival - this product does not contain preservatives.


Young Kobras' Gluten-Free Olive & Herb Sourdough Boule is whole-grain, gluten-free, gum-free, and vegan. This fresh, flavorful gluten-free loaf is made in the SF Bay Area and stuffed with salty olives and aromatic herbes de provence. Try it toasted, with butter or all your favorite dips, or spread it with a tangy, funky goat cheese. Refrigerate upon arrival and before slicing for best results. If stored in the fridge, these loaves should last for upwards of one week.

How to Enjoy:

Well toasted!

Pack Sizes:

Available in a 2-pack or a 4-pack

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Young Kobras

San Carlos, CA

Co-owners Juliana and Geoff share a passion for healthy food: they've both spent countless hours preparing delicious and nutritious meals with friends and family. In addition, both co-owners believe in the importance of sustainable practices throughout the food system from farm to table. 

Fun Fact: These values define Young Kobras mission to produce healthy foods made with sustainable, low-impact organic grains that are good for your body and the earth.