BUBBLE is a world we created to house the freshest and most delicious good-for-you foods. It is a health food paradise where the stale conventions of the old food system are not allowed and transparency is the holy grail. This can be seen through the curation and creation of the most innovative, subversive, and tastiest foods that are truly the best, from those who know what they're talking about.

BUBBLE Approved Goods

Each one of our energizing, supercharged, and scrumptious BUBBLE Approved Goods have been tested against a rigorous set of standards by BUBBLE for ultimate shopping clarity and ease. The set of standards listed below that guide the BUBBLE stamp of approval, as well as every product category, have been constructed by top chefs, nutritionists, Eastern and Western practicing doctors so that each product we find can be accepted, denied or categorized accordingly. 

Every product on BUBBLE is
• Clean label
• The healthiest of its kind
• From top brands worthy of a special place in your kitchen

Products on BUBBLE do NOT and will never contain
• Refined and artificial sugars
• Artificial dyes
• Trans fats or hydrogenated oils
• Preservatives, fillers, or gums



The Team


Jessica Young, Founder and CEO
Jessica is a Michelin-trained chef, who transitioned into the food startup scene 7 years ago to join the early team at Hu Kitchen. Before launching BUBBLE, Jessica was Daily Harvest's first team member and Head of Product and Operations. Jessica serves as an advisor at Daily Harvest and the Chobani Incubator.


Euni Park, Marketplace Operations
Euni was raised on her family's farm, Bodhi Tree Farm in New Jersey. Euni was always fascinated by food from the beginning. Previously, she has managed Grown NYC Farmers Market and managed the cafe and retail store at Alchemist Kitchen.



Emilia Musacchia, Marketplace Operations
Emilia has style in spades. Before she came to BUBBLE as our product curator, she was at Barney’s as a personal shopping assistant, where she picked up her taste for the very best retail has to offer. She is also our resident Instagram expert.

Ria Clemente, Partnerships
Ria has formerly been a part of the marketing teams for food and media brands such as Food Network, Daily Harvest, Spoon University, Publicis, Heineken, and Bullfrog + Baum.



Wendy Ching, Creative
Wendy has been part of the design and creative content team for Collecteurs, part of the New Museum incubator program, As If Magazine, and Daily Harvest. She has freelanced for small brands such as Renna, Lauren's All Purpose, and Little Escargot.