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    Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, what a year 2022 has been! If you ask us, we cannot wait to seek brighter, more positive days ahead in this new year… If you're stuck on what resolutions you need to commit to for 2023, we've got you covered on what you should really be munching on for the most ambitious year yet!


    Matcha Dive - Ceremonial MatchaAries - Matcha
    There are lots of exciting changes coming in 2023, Aries. Your "go-getter" vibes will be in full force as you take on new experiences and expand your relationships. To help power you through this new chapter, ceremonial grade matcha from Matcha Dive will be your new go-to.

    Sweet Nothings
    Taurus - Bars + Balls
    Get ready to expand your horizons, Taurus. In 2023, we see lots of increased levels of self-confidence, wisdom, and happiness. We see lots of travel in your future as your social circle expands. Enjoy some Sweet Nothings’ Chocolate & PB Nut Butter Bites with your new friends!

    Gemini - Moment
    This will be a yer of self-awareness, Gemini. All the cards will be in your favor as you focus on self- connection and inner peace. You'll love sipping on functional bevs, like this Calming Cherry Hibiscus water, as you strengthen your inner connection.

    Cancer - Condiments
    It's going to be a spicy year for you, Cancer! With luck on your side in 2023, you'll find success in almost every aspect of your life. Remember that hard work will help you along the way. Kickstart this exciting shift with Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing!

    Leo - SpicesLeo - Spices
    Fiery Leo, this year will be tight for you financially. Look to save money where ever you can as you navigate this new era. We recommend staples spices to help keep things from, like Calabrian Chili pods from Occo.

    Be sure to focus on your health and nutrition this year, Virgo. As schedules start to ramp up, getting your daily nutrients will be more difficult. We recommend a nutrient dense meal like the Kelp Burger by Akua, to help you meet your daily needs.

    Libra - TincturesLibra - Tinctures
    Planning and foresight will be your virtues in 2023, Virgo. Having free time to spend with loved ones will provide you great amounts of happiness. To help you stay focused when planning, we recommend Everything Drops by Earth & Star.

    Scorpio - OlivesScorpio - Olives
    A playful and lighthearted year is ahead for you, Scorpio! You will derive lots of joy from spending time with loved ones. As a future party host, we suggest offering olives by Freestyle at all our gatherings.

    Sagittarius - ProbioticSagittarius - Probiotic
    Confidence + creativity are your words of the year, Sagittarius. To keep up the good energy, be sure to focus on your gut-health. We recommend trend-setting, probiotic yogurt from Coconut Cult.

    Capricorn - ChocolateCapricorn - Chocolate
    This will be the year of love for you, Capricorn. Romance and intimacy will be abundant and your relationships will continue to prosper. We recommend enjoying Phasey's Sex Chocolate while enjoying this new chapter.

    Aquarius - LozengesAquarius - Lozenges
    A year of personal challenges and professional growth is ahead for you Aquarius. It will be important to stay mellow while you navigate these new paths. We recommend Mood Lozenges from Kindroot to help you feel grounded.

    Pisces - BrowniesPisces - Brownies
    No more living in the past, Pisces. 2023 is the year of the new new. To help you stay on track and not slip into old habits, we recommend Dalci's gut-healthy and gluten-free brownies to help you stay relax and recharged.

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