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Norwegian Baked

Brooklyn, NY

Knekkebrød Sea Salt Crispbread (Pack)

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rye flour*, oats*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat bran*, flax seeds*, sesame seeds*, extra virgin olive oil*, psyllium husk*, baking powder, water, and sea salt
*organic ingredients

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Break into a Scandinavian tradition! Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød is a seeded, fiber-rich crispbread that’s both nutritious and addictively delicious. Heartier than a cracker, this naturally vegan and organicKnekkebrød is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Our Sea Salt Flakes flavor has just the right amount of salty zing.

Eating on the go? Knekkebrød is a healthy and satisfying choice, either on its own or topped with nut butter, hummus, egg salad...anything you desire! Add Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød to your pantry and revolutionize your daily routine.

Enjoy, or as we say in Norway, velbekomme!


Enjoy our Classic crispbread with your favorite nut butter or dress it up with smoked salmon and dill. Serve this endlessly versatile crispbread with any kind of cheese, be it nutty, funky, or sweet!


2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack. Each bag is 6 oz. Approx 8-9 crisps per bag




Made in a facility that also processes nuts and peanuts


Norwegian Baked

Brooklyn, NY

It all traces back to that one summer at home in Norway... there was a luscious, just-baked scent floating through the air and I followed my senses straight to my aunt’s kitchen. There, I found her baking the most delectable crispbread, or as we Norwegian-folk call it: Knekkebrød. It was love at first bite! 

So back to my second, more permanent home in Brooklyn I went, where I started experimenting with the family recipe and serving it to friends and family (lucky them!). Altering the ingredients a few times to find the perfect balance, I finally honed it. Thus, Norwegian Baked was born.