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    EMBARGO NEW YORK (Jan 16th, 2023) -- 

    New Year, New Pantry. Kickstart your 2023 resolutions with the best in clean-label. For two weeks only, January 16th-January 31st, get 35% OFF some of your favorite, independent BUBBLE brands – all completely free from refined-sugars, dyes, gums, fillers and preservatives. Stock up and save big on creamy nutter butter bites, fizzy + fruity probiotic beverage bundles, and everything in between.


    Super Frau - Variety Pack
    Whey Probiotic Fruit Super Drink Variety (12-Pack) | Orig $45.00 SALE $29.95
    Start the year with a happy gut! These Fruity Probiotic super drinks are loaded with upcycled whey – an ingredient known for its nutritional benefits. Pair it with bubbles and you’ve got a functional beverage that is deliciously crisp and loaded with health benefits.



    Skin Boost Acai Lemonade Collagen Peptides (1-Pack) | Orig $19.50 SALE $12.68
    Get your glow on with collagen peptides! This sweet and tart powder has gone viral after being continuously supported by Dr Mary Claire Haver for tasting just like acai lemonade. One of the only clean label collagens, each serving has 2,500mg of verisol collagen and 60mg of Vitamin C. Just mix with water, juice or smoothies and your skin will be sparkling in no time.


    Chocolate & Peanut Butter Nut Butter Bites (12-Pack) | Orig $35.88 SALE $23.33
    A convenient nut butter snack that’s perfect for any nutty schedule. These wholesome and delicious Superfood Nut Butter Bites are made with a chewy outer shell of organic cacao, oats, dates, and flaxseed and filled with an inner center of creamy organic peanut butter. They’re a delicious, healthy on-the-go snack that is sure to be a staple in your pantry.


    Vegan Nacho Cheese Superfood Popcorn (4-Pack) | Orig $23.99 SALE $15.60
    This organic air popped superfood popcorn is loaded with nutritional yeast, protein, key minerals (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) and essential amino acids. A bag of goodness that's boldly seasoned with powerful tastes of Nacho Cheese, savory bits of garlic, bursts of onion and fun flashes of heat from Aleppo chile peppers.



    About BUBBLE

    BUBBLE, known as the "Etsy of Health Food," is an e-commerce marketplace for natural food and beverage brands to ship directly to customers across the USA. 
    The BUBBLE team is led by a founding team with deep CPG and ecommerce experience, two ex-Daily Harvest colleagues Jessica Young, founder and CEO and CTO, Savraj Singh. BUBBLE is aiming to change the food distribution landscape for independent brands by removing the limits of previous big food brands and retailers by leveraging its lean, digitally native marketplace in order to improve the experience for shoppers. BUBBLE now has over 800+ brands from independent makers across the USA hosted on the platform.

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