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    A Year in Review

    Cheers to this past year! 2022, was a great year for BUBBLE. Whether it was platform developments, hot drop brands or new customer features, there was no shortage of milestones. With this in mind, here’s a recap of some accomplishments BUBBLE achieved in 2022. 



    Brands on BUBBLE
    This year, BUBBLE proudly increased its brand capacity by 200%, ending the year with 825+ brands hosted on our platform. Meaning, 825+ small, independent clean-label brands are now able to reach a broader, national customer base that they wouldn't have been able to tap into otherwise. Each brand meets BUBBLE's strict ingredients requirements, and many practice sustainable forms of packaging and production. Bubble is also proud to share that of these brands, 18% are BIPOC-founded, 11% are AAPI-founded, and 20% are Family-Founded. Brands on BUBBLE call home to 38 different states within the USA. All brands are shipping nationally through the United States!



    was the top lifestyle shopped and searched
    This year, BUBBLE added over 10+ new collections for customers to discover and shop, and the Vegan lifestyle category stole the show. By the end of the year, BUBBLE proudly had 688 different vegan products that included new BUBBLE Approved vegan cheeses, vegan meat alternatives, vegan desserts, vegan collagens and many more.


    Shipping now live!
    In 2022, expansion to the perishable category in the BUBBLE offering was quietly launched. The Kelp Burger by AKUA and The Coconut Cult’s Probiotic Yogurt went live to see much success with BUBBLE customers! The BUBBLE team is excited to further expand shipping and offerings for perishable products! 




    BUBBLE Grocery Lists Created
    BUBBLE Grocery List (beta), a new feature, launched in 2022. This feature allows customers to create dynamic, personalized grocery lists, tailored towards their individual shopping needs. Unlike traditional "lists" or "favorites", there is no limit to the amount of Grocery Lists that a customer can create. Grocery Lists are also embedded into customer accounts to earn BUBBLE Rewards as lists are shared. Every time a customer shares their dynamic lists, their custom rewards code is automatically applied!

    To kick off this feature, BUBBLE collaborated with colleagues in the wellness community to showcase custom Grocery Lists. Customers can view lists from Whitney Stewart (#1 Dietitian in Dallas), Amber Blalakian (4th Generation Farmer and Founder of Balakian Farms), and even Founder + CEO of BUBBLE Jessica Young



    Team Members
    This year, the small, but mighty, team behind BUBBLE expanded to a team of 6–with key hires in Engineering and Operations added to support the new platform build out and scaled brand onboarding. The company is female founded, led and is currently 83% women // 17% men. Into 2023, BUBBLE is planning another round of new hires with hopes to build out their in-house Marketing team to support scaled marketing efforts! 


    Food Donations
    BUBBLE is partnered with local non-profits that specialize in food insecurity and/or children and family services. The Food Bank for NYC, 9 Million Reasons Food Pantry, and Children’s House of Easton were this year’s partners where BUBBLE donated any surplus or unaccepted product samples that are submitted for BUBBLE Approval. Just this past year alone, BUBBLE has helped to donate over 150 pounds worth of food to these organizations. 


    BUBBLE Rewards Launched!

    Customers asked, and BUBBLE listened. This year, BUBBLE launched its long awaited BUBBLE Rewards program. The goal? For customers to be able to get rewarded for shopping and sharing their favorite brands on BUBBLE!  BUBBLE Grocery Lists links also were embedded with these custom codes this year! 


    Here’s to 2023! 

    With big plans in store for next year, BUBBLE is excited for a healthy, happy and successful 2023!

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