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DRY JANUARY: The 5 Non-Alc Brands You Need in Your "Dry" Bar Cart
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DRY JANUARY: The 5 Non-Alc Brands You Need in Your "Dry" Bar Cart

From Bling Empire’s new sparkling botanicals to trending non-alc lagers, here are the top 5 non-alc brands you NEED in your "dry" bar cart this Dry...

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    From Bling Empire’s new sparkling botanicals to trending non-alc lagers, here are the top 5 non-alc brands you NEED in your "dry" bar cart this Dry January...

    NEW YORK (Jan 1st, 2023) -- 

    The hottest 2023 trend? Non-Alc. This year, skip the holiday hangovers and kickstart your New Year with the best in beverages. The wellness experts at BUBBLE have handpicked the top 5 Non-Alc drinks you need in your bar cart this January – all 100% taste-tested and completely free from refined sugars, dyes, and preservatives. Whether you like traditional mocktails or adaptogenic alternatives, we’ve got you covered.


    Adaptogenic Dragon Ginger Beverage (12-Pack) | $49.99

    The new non-alc brand that everyone is talking about: SANS. Founded by Bling Empire’s Kevin Krieder, this sparkling botanical water goes outside the parameters of traditional non-alc beverages. Inspired by asian flavors, each sip has notes of dragonfruit and ginger. Plus, every can has over 200mg of adaptogens from Ginseng and L-theanine. 


    PARCH™ Prickly Paloma Non-Alc Agave Mocktail (8-Pack) | $40.00

    Sour, sweet and 100% non-alc. This Prickly Paloma pairs earthy Blue Weber Agave Bitters, Grapefruit, Jicama, Lime juice & floral-tart hibiscus to create a mocktail that is out of this world. You’ll also find adaptogens like Ginseng, L-Theanine Extract from Green Tea, Ashwagandha Root to fight fatigue and promote relaxation, naturally. The best part? 1% of all purchases are donated to Mission garden in Tucson, Az – a program designed to preserve and revive the region’s rich agricultural heritage in the Tucson Basin. 


    Lili Non-Alc Sparkling Rosé, Ruby & Golden Set (6-Pack) | $35.00

    Meet your new favorite sparkling “wine”. Made in wine country California, this delightfully bubbly sparkler trio set features three different non-alc flavors: Ruby, Rose and Golden. Perfect for cheers-ing the New Year, each can is crafted with whole fruits and microbubbles, to create a non-alc beverage that is crisp and wonderfully refreshing. Oh, and did we mention it has zero refined-sugar


    Yuzu Soda (12-Pack) | $37.95

    See ya later, Whitecl*w. There’s a new sparkling beverage on the block. These refreshing seltzers are made with natural juices (grape + lemon), extracts and botanicals. Add in classic flavors like Yuzu, and you’ve got a non-alc alternative that is sophisticated and balanced. The best part? You can pair this with any of your favorite mixers for a non-alc mocktail! 




    Visitor Non-alc Lager (6-Pack) | $15.99

    Crisp and 100% clean-label. This hoppy lager by Visitor is made with whole ingredients and is gluten-reduced! With fruity aromas, notes of toasted malt and light hops in each sip, you’ll have no idea that your drink is completely alc-free. Great for sunday night football games, cozying up next to the fire or sharing the six pack with a groups of friends

    About BUBBLE

    BUBBLE, known as the "Etsy of Health Food," is an e-commerce marketplace for natural food and beverage brands to ship directly to customers across the USA. 

    The BUBBLE team is led by a founding team with deep CPG and ecommerce experience, two ex-Daily Harvest colleagues Jessica Young, founder and CEO and CTO, Savraj Singh. BUBBLE is aiming to change the food distribution landscape for independent brands by removing the limits of previous big food brands and retailers by leveraging its lean, digitally native marketplace in order to improve the experience for shoppers. BUBBLE now has over 800+ brands from independent makers across the USA hosted on the platform.

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