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BUBBLE'S 2021 Food Trends
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BUBBLE'S 2021 Food Trends

1. I Can't Believe It's Veggie Goodbye basic carrots in a bag, these veggie forwards snacks are here to change...

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    1. I Can't Believe It's Veggie


    Goodbye basic carrots in a bag, these veggie forwards snacks are here to change your snacking game! This past year, we’ve constantly seen an influx of innovative, new snacks that are turning vegetables into delicious and snackable treats.

    Jump on the trend: We're trading popcorn for Bohana Popped Snacks ($24.99/6 pk), a waterlily puffed snack, fun fact: they recently landed a Shark Tank deal from Mr. Wonderful! Also check out Kaleidoscope Kale Chips ($28.99/3 pk), medicine in the form of a delicious, crunchy snack? Count us in! Kaleidoscope combines two of the healthiest foods, kale and bone broth for a delicious, veggie forward snack.


    2. Purposeful Cleanses 

    The Milk Cleanse

    Cleanses are no longer about extreme dieting! This new year will bring about purposeful cleanses that are much more than depriving yourself for days on end and instead, focusing on larger goals like resetting your mind and body for a better year ahead.

    Jump on the trend: Co-founded by WTRMLN WTR founder, Jody Levy, The Milk Cleanse ($295) is a Doctor-developed cleanse that clears, revitalizes and optimizes wellbeing; Bonus: a percentage of their profits goes towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Also check out Curious Elixirs ($38/4 pk), non-alcoholic cocktails, perfect for those cleansing and participating in dry January!


    3. Fermentation Station 

    Acid LEague

    Fermentation is at the forefront of food especially in a time when probiotics and gut-health is becoming a top priority for many consumers. These elevated pantry staples from vinegars to mustards are no longer so basic!

    Jump on the trend: Acid League (9.99/1 pk) and Ramp Up (16.00/1 pk) are not your grandma's run-of-the-mill vinegars! Vinegars are kind of having a moment right now and these babies make our kitchen look good, our food taste good, and they even benefit our gut-health!

    4. Upcycled Pantry 
    Pulp Pantry
    From Fruit pulp to Soybean pulp that’s normally tossed into the compost, we’ve been seeing brands who are addressing the problem of food waste and creating products made from upcycled ingredients.

    Jump on the trend: Say bye to basic tortilla chips, Pulp Pantry ($5.49/1 pk)  transforms upcycled, sustainable ingredients into your favorite junk foods! And also try Renewal Mill Okara Flour ($6.50/ 1pk), a gluten-free alternative  that provides superior nutrition with white flour taste, 4x the fiber of whole wheat, complete protein, and low carb!

    5. Immunity Essentials 
    Especially due to the pandemic, immunity is at the forefront of what consumers are looking for. Nowadays we see many ordinary food products upgraded with vitamins, adaptogens, and mushrooms that focus on overall health and wellbeing. 

    Jump on the trend: For one of the most stressful years, there is one staple we like to have handy in our pantry… Joya Adaptogens Elixirs ($37.00 - $108.00)! A mixture of herbs and shrooms, legal of course ;) that adapt to our body to help physical, mental, and emotional stress. And a special shoutout to another important essential: Cleanli Hand Sanitizer ($13.98/2 pk), a functional blend of soothing rosemary and moisturizing yuzu that will clean your hands and ground your mind with its calming aroma. Time to toss out that strong tequila smelling hand sanitizer.

    6. Clean Label Pets
    Heed Foods
    Clean label doesn’t stop with humans, we are also starting to see a demand for clean label treats for consumers’ furry friends. The focus on truly clean, human-grade ingredients in pet food will continue to grow in the new year.

    Jump on the trend: S&J Canine Co. ($13.99/1 pk) a BIPOC-founded company creating freeze dried pumpkin dog treats that are great as a daily snack, training treat, or food topper! Try Heed Foods ($34.99/ 1 pk), a female-founded, BIPOC company coming out of LA is shaking up the dog treat world! No fillers, just dog damn good ingredients that’s high in protein, grain-inclusive and with probiotics!

    7. Diverse Food Systems 
    Peak and Valley
    Especially in the past year, consumers are more knowledgeable and aware about where their food comes from, how it is made, and WHO is making their food. Knowing about the inspiring founders behind each and every small business they are supporting is much more than just a trend but a welcome and needed change for the industry and for a food system that is as diverse as our surroundings and community. 

    Support BIPOC Brands: Peak & Valley ($38.00/1 pk) and Azzizah's Herbal Green Popcorn ($14.99/1 pk) are both BIPOC, women-founded small businesses making a big mark in their communities and creating incredible, nutritious products!

    8. Extreme Charcuterie 
    The definition of charcuterie has expanded thanks to Tiktok’s over-the-top charcuterie board making videos. The act of arranging cured meats, cheeses, fruits and even some innovation with hot chocolate charcuterie boards are definitely making its way through to the new year.

    Jump on the trend: We heard Hella ($27.00/ 3 pk) is becoming a staple for your vegan, paleo hot chocolate charcuterie boards; don't forget to grab staples from uncured meats like Salumi Soppressata Salami ($7.00/ 1 pk), vegan cheeses like  Farmesan ($6.99/ 1 pk), and of course some Norwegian Baked Knekkebrod Crispbread (19.00/2 pk)!

    9. At-Home Baking 
    With more time being spent at home, there is more time to experiment in the kitchen. Everyone from beginners to baking pros are keeping sourdough starters, baking breads, and passing the long days with a whole lot of baking. What’s next after the banana bread and sourdough?

    Jump on the trend: 'Okina Bread Mix ($12.75/ 1 pk), 

    a fool-proof way to make your kitchen smell like a delicious bakery even for beginner bakers, some really good vanilla from Beyond Good Vanilla ($12.99/ 1 pk) ;) and if you're into experimenting a bunch of different gluten free flours check out Pereg GF Flours ($23.69/1 pk).

    10. CFH, Cafe From Home 
    Work from home doesn’t mean you can’t have your usual, cafe quality cup of joe, many are upgrading their coffee making set-ups at home and brushing up on their barista skills as consumers find themselves in this indefinite, work from home setup.

    Jump on the trend: Woken Espresso Pods ($13.50/20 pk), a favorite at the BUBBLE office and in our homes, Dripkit Pourover Kit ($15.00/5 pk), when you feel like channeling your inner barista, and to top off your CFH set up, try some gluten-free, paleo bagel from the Pagel ($23.98/ 2 pk)!

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