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Woken Coffee

Champlain, NY

Arabica Espresso Pods (Pack)

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5g of Ground Italian Roast Coffee

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Woken is a sustainable-minded company reducing the waste and guilt that comes with single-serve espresso pods, that are 100% compostable.

Arabica is sweet and spicy all in one cup, with a citrusy finish. This medium-bodied roast is perfect for a simple shot or any way you take coffee. With its fragrant taste, it quiets the static to focus on what matters most.

Pairs best with chocolate and fruit

Best served as a short shot, long shot, or a cappuccino. 

Includes 10 pods per box

Available in a 2-pack or a 4-pack

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* Woken Coffee is not affiliated with or endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A. Woken Coffee is suitable for Nespresso® OriginalLine machines, excluding professional machines and 'built-in' models.

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Woken Coffee

Champlain, NY

Woken is a sustainably-minded coffee brand, reducing the waste that comes with great coffee, one cup at a time. Their capsules are compostable. Their packaging is recyclable. Their intentions are honorable. And they're here to wake people up. 

Fun Facts: 

A normal espresso pod sits in landfills for 100-500 years, Woken espresso pods can be included in your compost and takes only 90 days to breakdown!