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Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill

Oakland, CA

Okara Flour (Pack)

View reviews for Okara Flour (Pack)
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100% organic okara flour made from organic and non-GMO soybeans

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Okara is a delicious superfood harvested from the pulp of organic soybeans that is created during soymilk production. 

At Renewal Mill, we’re helping reduce global food waste by upcycling okara into a nutritious, versatile flour that’s better for you and better for the planet! 

Okara makes a delicious, versatile flour that provides superior nutrition with white flour taste. 4x the fiber of whole wheat, gluten-free, complete protein, and low carb.


  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • AIP-Friendly
  • Nut-Free
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-Free


Use this premium, upcycled, climate-friendly flour by substituting 20-25% (by volume) of okara for wheat flour in most baked goods. Substitute less (5-10%) for breads and more for tortillas (35-40%). Let your imagination soar when it comes to ways in which you can enjoy okara!


1 or 3 8oz bag(s)





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Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill

Oakland, CA

Renewal Mill is a next-generation ingredient company that’s fighting climate change by finding value in the overlooked and transforming it into a unique portfolio of upcycled ingredients and plant-based products. Starting with okara, a high fiber, gluten-free flour made from the nutrient-rich soybean pulp strained from soy milk, we’re building a new circular economy of food that’s better for people and the planet we love!

Fun Fact: Renewal Mill is female owned and operated!