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Acid League

Romeoville, IL

Strawberry Rosé Living Vinegar (Pack)

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Riesling grape juice, strawberry juice, living bacterial culture

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Acid League always wondered by grocery store shelves were filled with white and red wine vinegar, but not rosé — so they did something about it. Strawberry Rosé meshes two summer favorites that's crowd-pleasing but far from basic. 

How to Enjoy:

Pair with summer salads, soft serve ice cream, fresh basil, gooey cheese, grilled salmon, daiquiris, fruit smoothies, yogurt anything, and lunches in a vineyard. 

Pack Size:

Available in a single-pack or 6-pack. Each bottle is 12.7fl oz and contains about 64 servings.

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Acid League

Romeoville, IL

In the spring of 2019, Acid League's food scientist founders set their sights on reinventing vinegar for people excited by acidity but bored with the status quo. After experimenting with countless methods and over 500 flavors—they developed a proprietary process that produces complex, concentrated, and delicious living vinegars. 

Fun Fact: They're interested in art, design, science, and culinary creativity. They

experiment on their own, and they work with a league of like-minded collaborators—scientists, chefs, bartenders, brewers, winemakers, artists, and writers across the globe.