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The Milk Cleanse (Kit)

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Formula One: Cayenne*, Cranberry*, Slippery Elm*, Wormwood*
Formula Two: Pepsin (derived from porcine), Slippery Elm*
Herbal Colon Builder: Rhubarb*, Dulse*, Slippery Elm*, Senna*, Kelp*, Cranberry*, Cascara Sagrada*, Ground Flax*
* Organic ingredient

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The LabElymental Milk Cleanse is an Ayurvedic-inspired, doctor-developed cleanse that clears, revitalizes, and optimizes well-being and balances our modern lifestyle. This eight-day program entails only drinking full-fat milk and taking The Milk Cleanse supplements. 

The ingredients in the supplements include Vitamin C, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and have anti-parasitic properties. The Milk Cleanse aims to restore vitality and clarity and increase energy. If you feel stuck, sluggish, and foggy The Milk Cleanse helps to reset and balance the body and mind.

This kit includes your supply of supplements, instructions for the cleanse, and a protocol for optimizing your experience. 

A percentage of profits go towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne illnesses. 


A detailed instruction booklet is included with each kit.

Phase One: During the first eight days, your diet consists of a whole milk mono diet and The LabElymental Milk Cleanse proprietary supplements. You also drink water and one cup of coffee per day.

Phase Two: Phase two of the cleanse is critical. Formula Two clears your system and promotes a healthy balance and detoxification. During this phase, you will reintroduce clean, nutritious meals into your daily routine and continue taking the proprietary supplements. 

BUBBLE x Milk Cleanse Phase 2 Curation

Breakfast: Plant-Based Collagen | Savory Vegetable Powder | Rose Gold Wildflower Honey | Matcha Plant-Based Collagen | Moringa Powder | Hazelnut & Cacao Oatmeal 

Lunch: Adaptogen Peanut Butter | Sesame Butter Set | Pumpkin Seed Butter | Kake Seasoning |

Peanut Butter Superfood Mix | Seaweed & Bison Broth Kale Chips

Dinner: Edamame Spaghetti | Marinara Sauce | Cassava Flour | Black Lentils


The kit includes four supplement bottles with 100 supplements each and instructions for the cleanse. It also includes recipes and BUBBLE product suggestions for Phase Two.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. 


LabElymental // The Milk Cleanse

Denver, CO

The LabElymental Milk Cleanse is a doctor-developed cleanse that clears, revitalizes and optimizes wellbeing. The Milk Cleanse is an eight-day program that entails drinking only full fat milk and taking our proprietary supplements.

Fun Fact: A percentage of our profits goes towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.