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Top 10 Health Food Trend Predictions for 2019
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Top 10 Health Food Trend Predictions for 2019

From Mintel to Wholefoods, food predictions for the upcoming new year have hit the Interwebs and experts are weighing in...

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    From Mintel to Wholefoods, food predictions for the upcoming new year have hit the Interwebs and experts are weighing in on everything from plant-based alt-snacks to CBD infused products. And since we constantly stay on the pulse of trending health foods, we figured that we'd channel our inner fortune tellers and take a look into our magical, health food crystal BUBBLE. Below, we’ve rounded up top 10 #BUBBLEApproved food forecasts that’s leading the health food pack in 2019.

    1. Plant-based Alternatives, Taking the Snack Aisle...
    Watermelon Road Fruit Jerky As America got woke with concerns for a more sustainable food chain, we’ve seen a ton of progress in the meat aisle with alt-meat brands like Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat, and Upton’s Naturals. We then saw the wave last year really blow up in fast casual spots like Superiority Burger and Butcher’s Daughter, with even larger chains like Chipotle beginning to offer alt-meat options. For 2019, we’re seeing consumers turn to the snack aisle for the same plant-based fix. Jackfruit, seaweed, and puffed water lily seeds are entering American savory territory as a star ingredient in classic American snacks like jerky and puffs. We’re definitely seeing more and more people avoiding the questionable convenience store snacks for clean label, healthy munchies. (Photo via @watermelon_road)

    2. Fat on Fat on Fat...

    EggsLow fat diets and calorie counting are very much a 90’s fad. With the growing popularity of diets such as Pegan, Paleo, Keto and a consumer stress on product quality and transparency, we’re seeing a rise in popularity of good-for-you fats. These high-fat diets are known to aid muscle growth, cognitive function and even skin health. Enter Ghee, MCT OilCoconut Butter, even straight up lard and duck fat are having a moment. Everyone is amping up their diet with fats, and dishes like Chocolate Bulletproof Coffee and I mean hello, Keto Eggs Benedict 🤤. (Photo via Bon Appetit)

    3. Extremophile Shelf-stable Probiotics…
    Wylder Coffee on Shelf We’re currently loving Wylder Coffee Co., who makes a ground-breaking coffee (pun intended 😉 )  that integrates extremophile probiotics into their grounds, meaning these probiotics survive the heat and brewing process. It’s time to say goodbye to having your coffee separate from your morning probiotic intake. We all know that probiotics in the form of pills or supplements have been trending for quite some time now. They’re great not only for your digestive system but can also provide you with glowy and youthful skin. What we’re going to be seeing more of are brands in the health food space who will make it easier for you to get your daily intake of probiotics beyond the run-of-the-mill supplements.  (Photo via @wyldercoffeeco)

    4. Bang for your Buck Products

    Bee Panacea and Jaden Smith

    While we’re definitely not complaining about it, it has seemed like a new superfood is trending and becoming discovered on the daily. As a result, we’re seeing more and more vendors who are making it easier for consumers to get a hold of multiple superfoods at once through all-in-one products. These “bang for your buck” goods like Virgin Raw Foods’ Bee Panacea not only saves consumers dollars but also offers convenience, freeing consumers from the hassle and confusion of creating their own superfood blends.  (Photo via @virginrawfoods)

    5.CBD on Everything 
    Rosebud CBD x LAPS SalveEveryone is anticipating the continued deregulation of CBD in the market with reports estimating that the CBD market will grow to hit $22 Billion in 4 years. We’ve seen CBD products infiltrate a ton of different industries from beauty to food. So it comes as no surprise that CBD will only continue to grow as we slowly rid of the muddy regulations surrounding the market. (Photo via @rosebudcbd)

    6. Health Food But Make It Fashion
    Cha Cha Matcha x Nike
    This past year, we’ve seen a lot of restaurants, cafes, and food brands enter the world of fashion with Cha Cha Matcha’s recent collab with Nike, Sant Ambroeus x K-Way, Kith x Coca Cola and more. With a boosted consumer interest in the health food space, we can definitely look forward to the world of health food and fashion colliding in the upcoming new year. (Photo via @chachamatcha)

    7. Mocktails and Booze-Free Bars
    Curious Elixirs
    While the alcohol industry is a behemoth not likely to be disturbed, we’ve been seeing a slew of booze-free alternatives enter the beverage industry in a big way. Sleek brands like Curious Elixirs who offer Booze-free craft cocktails, Seedlip who makes distilled non-alcoholic spirits and Listen Bar, NYC’s Booze-free pop up bar has proven successful in catering to both drinkers and non-drinkers alike. You’ve also got clean label, cocktail additions like Modern Bar Cart’s bitters. With more and more people choosing to make a conscious decision to forego alcohol, we’re likely to see more non-alcoholic beverage brands enter the market. (Photo via Brook Pifer)

    8. Sustainability at the Forefront
    Package Free Shop
    While sustainability is less of a trend and more of a continued initiative, we’ll be looking forward to more brands who will be addressing and working on environmental issues in the upcoming year. There are already brands like Woken Coffee who are introducing eco friendly, compostable pods in their packaging. We’re also seeing an initiative to generate less plastic waste in the restaurant and hospitality industries with creative twists like Casa Barilla’s Durum Wheat Pasta Straws and the Package Free Shop, an extension of Lauren Singer's popularized Zero Waste Movement. (Photo via @packagefreeshop)

    9. Modernizing Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Chinese Herbal Almond Butter
    Ancient historic medicinal practices are turned to more and more in today’s modern age as a way to bring back a more holistic and natural way to promote wellness. Brands like Sun For Soul are blending traditions with more modern twists in their Chinese Medicine Infused Almond Butter making it easier for millennials to incorporate the medicinal herbs into their routines. We’ll be seeing these 5,000 year old health systems move into the mainstream and become a part of our future as more consciousness is put upon self-care and a mind-body equilibrium. (Photo via @sunforsoul)

    10. Healthy, Restaurant Quality Meal Kits
    Kettlebell KitchenWith a society who's always got an on-the-go mindset and where convenience is a currency, no one is settling for anything less than high quality yet still convenient meal options. Enter, meal delivery services like Kettlebell Kitchen who commits to catering to every person and diet whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto and more. We’ll definitely be seeing more companies who will be appealing to this cohort of convenience seeking, health crowd in the upcoming future. (Photo via @kettlebellkitchen) 

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