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    Did You Know 62% of Brands on BUBBLE are Founded by Women?

    Everything from Sichuan Chili Crisp to Adaptogenic Cookie Drips


    BUBBLE is gearing up to celebrate Women’s History Month with extra excitement this year, being proud to report that 62% of food brands hosted on the platform are founded by women!
    As a fellow Woman-Founded (and led!) company, BUBBLE is thrilled to see the stake of women increase, and gender gap narrow in an industry that that has long been majority male led. The food industry at large however, only sees only 18% of food companies led by women. 

    Below is a round up of BUBBLE-Approved, must-have pantry staples, beverages and more... ALL founded by women.

    You can also find more in our Women-Founded Collection: here.

    Photo Credit: Laka Living
    Cookie Drip (8 oz) | $36.00
    Meet Liz, founder of Laka Living! Liz founded Laka with the mission to make wellness delicious and accessible. Laka’s cookie drip plant butter is a high-mineral raw cashew-cookie butter loaded with adaptogenic dough that fights inflammation, builds stamina and boosts stamina. Spread it on toast, add it into a smoothie or even enjoy straight from the spoon.

    Photo Credit: Fly By Jing
    Sichuan Chili Crisp (1-Pack) | $14.99
    Meet Jing Gao, founder of Fly By Jing. Jing wanted to create a brand that celebrated her culture and the delicious flavors found within it. This Sichuan Chili Crisp is the first 100% all natural sichuan chili sauce packed with complex umami flavors, and zero artificial additives or preservatives, proudly crafted in Chengdu. The finest Erjingtiao, Xiaomila and Shanying chilis from Guizhou, are blended with cold-pressed rapeseed oil and Sichuan's prized Tribute pepper for this deeply fragrant chili sauce.Great on top of noodles, vegetables and even ice cream!


    Photo Credit: Moment
    Blood Orange Ashwagandha Botanical Water (12-Pack) | $37.00
    Meet Aisha, founder of Moment! Aisha created Moment with the goal to have people “drink their meditation – meaning, they could feel wellness from within. Their botanical waters are filled with fresh ingredients inspired by traditional wellness beverages. This Blood Orange Sparkling Water is made with fresh blood orange juice, lemon juice, rooibos and orange extract to create a beverage that is bright, energizing and refreshing. The best part? Each can is loaded with adaptogens from Ashwagandha, helping to feel mellow and focused.



    Photo Credit: Occo Spices
    American Basics 101 - Spice Collection | $38.00
    Meet Lisa & Connie, founders of Occo spices! This dynamic duo created a spice company that is focused on using only what you need and not wasting what you don’t. Their spices are packed into single serving aluminum pods to maintain freshness and are easily recyclable. This American Basics pack comes with 8 different spices, commonly found in most american spices cabinets. Perfect for new cooks, seasoned chefs and anything in between.


    Photo Credit: Pulp Pantry
    Sea Salt Veggie Pulp Chips (1-pack) | $5.49
    Meet Kaitlin, founder of Pulp Pantry! Pulp Pantry transforms upcycled, sustainable ingredients into reinventions of your favorite junk foods. Their all-natural Sea Salt Veggie Pulp Chips are made with organic juice pulp, organic flours, chia seeds and sea salt – creating a chip that is crunchy, flavorful and perfect for snacking.

    Photo Credit: Crushed Tonic
    Collagen Drink - Matcha Crush (30 Servings) | $105.00
    Energizing caffeine + regenerating powers from marine collagen? Yes please! This matcha blend from Crushed Tonic is an anti-aging ingestible skincare drink made with marine collagen, probiotics, biotin, and organic matcha to help replenish you for stronger skin, thicker-looking hair and better health. Just add water or blend it with your favorite smoothie. You’ll have glowing skin and laser focus in no time.


    Photo Credit: Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn
    Herbal Green PopCorn (1-Pack) | $14.99
    Meet Azzizah, founder of Azzizzah’s Green Popcorn! In 2011, Azzizah longed for a quick and easy snack that was delicious but also helped power her through her busy schedule. She quickly discovered that adding spirulina–a well known superfood, loaded with protein B vitamins and iron– to her air-popped popcorn, gave her the boost she needed! Her herbal green popcorn is spirulina-based, combined with herbs and spices to give it a kick of flavor. Add in some nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor, and you’ve got an afternoon snack that is fresh, nutritious and completely vegan!

    About BUBBLE
    BUBBLE, known as the "Etsy of Health Food," is an e-commerce marketplace for natural food and beverage brands to ship directly to customers across the USA.
    The BUBBLE team is led by a founding team with deep CPG and ecommerce experience, two ex-Daily Harvest colleagues Jessica Young, founder and CEO and CTO, Savraj Singh. BUBBLE is aiming to change the food distribution landscape for independent brands by removing the limits of previous big food brands and retailers by leveraging its lean, digitally native marketplace in order to improve the experience for shoppers. BUBBLE now has over 800+ brands from independent makers across the USA hosted on the platform.


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