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    Black History Month: Celebrate Black-Founded Brands on BUBBLE

    Everything from Smoky Potato Chips to Climate-Friendly Pizza Crackers


    With February just around the corner, we are looking forward to celebrating Black-Founded brands on BUBBLE for Black History Month! Black Founders should be supported throughout the year, however, Black History Month is a great opportunity to continue shining a light on the incredible Black Founders behind the delicious, clean-label goods found on the BUBBLE platform. BUBBLE proudly adheres to the 15% Pledge – a pledge promising to dedicate 15% of shelf space to Black-Founded brands. Currently, there are 18% BIPOC-Founded brands on BUBBLE, with 4.2% of brands being Black-Founded. BUBBLE looks forward to furthering this pledge and continuing to increase the community of diversely founded brands. 


    With wellness and inclusivity as one of the core values here at BUBBLE, we understand the importance of black brands in the wellness community. We continually strive to onboard black-founded brands that align to BUBBLE’s mission of providing clean-ingredients, sustainable, nutritious foods to customers across the United States. In celebration of Black-Founders, we’ve put together a round-up of snacks, pantry staples and more for you to discover and enjoy. Whether you enjoy sweet, savory or something in between, there’s something for everyone!


    You can also find more in our Black-Founded Collection: here.


    Photo Credit: Balakian Farms


    Organic Blended Red Heirloom Tomatoes (2-Pack) | $19.99
    Enjoy freshly harvested plum tomatoes, directlyfrom sunny California farms! Founded by 4th Generation Farmer, Amber Balakian, their delicious, blended tomato jars are made using an old Armenian family recipe. Each jar has a unique taste, and can be used ounce-for-ounce in any recipe that calls for tomatoes. Perfect for soups, sauces, sautees and more!

    Photo Credit: Ava’s Pet Palace


    Organic Baked Dog Treats - "Gone Bananas" (1-Pack) | $8.99
    Simple ingredient treats, perfect for any pup. Founded by 15 year old Ava, these organic soft-baked dog treats are made with bananas, cinnamon and oats to create treats that are loaded with fiber and full of flavor. Great for training, playing and spoiling your furry friends.

    Photo Credit: Yolele Foods


    Fonio (3-Pack) | $15.00
    Move over quinoa, fonio’s the new grain in town. Founded in 2017 by executive chef and social activist, Pierre Thiam, Yolele foods offer ancient grains that have been cultivated for over 5,000 years and are grown exclusively by smallholder family farmers across the Sahel Region in West Africa. Fonio is a nutritious, gluten-free ancient grain and is light and fluffy, has a mild, nutty flavor and a great texture that makes it an ideal substitute for rice, couscous, or other grains. Plus, it has a low glycemic index and is rich in amino acids!

    Picture Credit: Symphony Chips 


    Smoked Potato Chips (7 Oz Bag, 2-Pack) | $29.99

    What happens when you mix a family recipe with delicious, wholesome ingredients? Potato chip heaven! These potato chips, founded by the Anderson Family, are tossed in paprika, onion powder, ground mustard, hickory and parsley, to create a chip that is crispy, crunchy and loaded with flavor. Perfect for snacking and is 100% gluten-free and vegan friendly!

    Photo Credit: MoonShot Snacks


    Climate-Friendly Margherita Pizza Crackers (3-Pack) | $18.00

     Looking to upgrade your snack game and save the planet? Check out this elegant take on a pizza cracker! Founded by climate activist and business woman, Julia Collins, these crackers are sourced from regenerative farms that prioritize healthy soil, each cracker is made with classic ingredients like tomato, sourdough, garlic and herbs. Each bite will make you feel like you’re at the pizzeria! Moonshot also maintains carbon neutral practices and is completely kosher.


    Photo Credit: Everyday People Coffee & Tea


    Rooibos Masala Chai Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (1-Pack) | $15.50

     A cup of tea that gives back? We’re listening! This herbal tea is made with a blend of delicious malabar spices paired with sweet rooibos to create a warm beverage that is balanced and soothing. The best part? All ingredients are acquired from sustainable farms and percentages from each purchase are donated to organizations that support youth education and environmental conservation.


    Photo Credit: SAC Fruits

    SAC Fruits

    Dried Mango Slices (3-Pack) | $11.99

     Upgrade your pantry with this single ingredient snack! Placed in resealable packaging, these mango slices are perfect for on-the-go pick-me-up. Bright, chewy and full of Vitamin C, these are perfect for topping smoothie bowls, oatmeal and salad!


    Photo Credit: Peak & Valley


    Balance My Stress Adaptogenic Blend (1-Pack) | $37.99

     Kick back and relax with this adaptogen blend! Founder Nadine created Peak and Valley adaptogens to help protect against stress. Through the use of  medicinal mushroom extracts, this blend combats fatigue, supports the immune system, and improves blood flow. This adaptogenic blend of reishi mushroom extract, eleuthero root, and ashwagandha, and cocoa is carefully crafted to support your overall well-being.


    Photo Credit: Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn


    Herbal Green PopCorn (1-Pack) | $14.99

     In 2011, Founder Azzizah longed for a quick and easy snack that was delicious but also helped power her through her busy schedule. She quickly discovered that adding spirulina–a well known superfood, loaded with protein B vitamins and iron– to her air-popped popcorn, gave her the boost she needed! Her herbal green popcorn is spirulina-based, combined with herbs and spices to give it a kick of flavor. Add in some nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor, and you’ve got an afternoon snack that is fresh, nutritious and completely vegan!


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