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8 Healthy Food Swaps - BUBBLE Approved
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8 Healthy Food Swaps - BUBBLE Approved

Out with the old, in with the NEW! Upgrade your pantry with these healthy BUBBLE Approved Snacks! Free from refined/cane...

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    Out with the old, in with the NEW! Upgrade your pantry with these healthy BUBBLE Approved Snacks! Free from refined/cane sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes and fillers and gum, these are the best in class pantry staples.



    1. Willa's Organic Unsweetened Oat Milk (2-pack/$13.50): Not all oat milk was created equally. Willa’s Organic Unsweetened Oat milk ONLY has four ingredients: water, oats, vanilla and sea salt. It’s one of the best tasting and lowest sugar content oat milk in the market. No added gums, sugars or preservatives here!



    2.  Halo + Cleaver Red BBQ Sauce ($8.99): Did you know most condiments are packed with added refined sugar?!  Swap out your condiments for Halo + Cleaver’s BBQ Sauce. High standard, low standard and naturally sweetened with fruits and vegetables, these PALEO, KETO, AND VEGAN sauces will make anything finger-licking delicious!




    3. Stellar Eats Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie Mix ($12.99)This isn’t your average box mix! Super fudgy in the center with those classic chewy edges that everyone loves. These grain-free, plant-based brownies from Stellar Eats are as easy as 1,2,3!




    4. Pagel Paleo and Gluten-Free Everything Bagel (2-Pack/$23.98): Looking to swap your everyday bagel for a delicious clean-label option? These Pagel Paleo Bagels are 100% VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE and REFINED SUGAR-FREE! Made with all natural ingredients, this Pagel is the perfect clean-label way to start your day!




    5. Hella Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (3-pack/$27): It’s time to swap your overly sweet childhood treat with a more wholesome product – Hella By BUBBLE.  Made with just three organic ingredients: roasted hazelnuts, coconut sugar, and cacao nibs.




    6. Camp Classic Cheddar Mac n Cheese (3-pack/$19.99): It's time to upgrade your mac n cheese game without sacrificing nutrients or taste. Camp, unlike traditional brands, who are packed with fillers, gums and preservatives, this cheesy pantry staple is made from nutrient-packed veggies and is certified GLUTEN-FREE. Simple and easy-to-make, it's the perfect everyday lunch or quick dinner.




    7. Oswald Co. Strawberry Chia Smash (3-pack/$24.99): Did you know that most traditional jams are made up of 55% sugar derived from high fructose corn syrup? Oswald co. have created a jam that tastes delicious with ZERO ADDED SUGAR! With the most dreamy chia seed texture, and only sweetened using dates, this spread the perfect way to start your day.




    8. Core + Rind Sharp & Tangy Cashew Cheese Sauce ($9.99): Want to try a deliciously gooey cheese sauce, but without that added preservatives? Core + Rind, a dreamy VEGAN cashew cheese sauce, made from whole, real, plant-based ingredients, all of which you can pronounce! Pour them over nachos or add it to your favorite pasta!

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