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5 Must-Try Healthy Dog Treats
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5 Must-Try Healthy Dog Treats

We know that many of you have adorable, furry family members and WE HEAR YOU… your PETS DESERVE the same...

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    We know that many of you have adorable, furry family members and WE HEAR YOU… your PETS DESERVE the same standard we hold for humans like you, clean-label foods that have passed our strict, BUBBLE Approval Process.


    FULL OF: Vitamins, Natural Ingredients, Human-Grade,
    Made in the USA


    FREE FROM: Chemicals, Preservatives, Meat Meal


    We are proud to announce our BUBBLE Approved Pet Collection! Here are our Top Picks that will make your furry best friend drooling…



    1. Natural Rapport Chicken Tender Jerky Treats ($13.95): How funky is your chicken? Natural Rapport is zero percent funk. In fact it’s 100% human-grade chicken tender meat intended to give your pup something to actually cheer about when this bag comes out. Their Chicken Jerky has zero chemicals, fillers, artificial anything, hormones, antibiotics, byproducts, dyes, flavors or preservatives They use real, large cuts of chicken tenders and dehydrate them at their peak nutritional moment making them the perfect, healthy, all natural nutrient dense treat for your pup.



    2. Ava’s Pet Palace Organic Peanutty Paws Baked Treats ($8.99): Peanut butter is always a hit with our four-legged friends. These USDA Certified Organic treats smell good enough for you to eat. You'll be asking your pup if you can try one!


    3. Shameless Pets Carrate Chomp Dental Sticks ($8.99): Using ancient secrets and upcycled ingredients, this dental stick a black belt in cleaning teeth and keeping breath fresh. The added power of fish oil provides support to the 10th degree of your pup’s skin and coat.


    4. Yumwoof Natural Pet Food Soft & Chewy Chicken Kibble ($43.24): Yumwoof Perfect Kibble is a soft and chewy dog food made with 14 natural ingredients including more MCTs and antioxidants than any other dog food. Our small batch recipe is a collaboration between a New York City chef and a board certified veterinary nutritionist.



    5. Platinum Pet Treats RealHide Sticks, 100% Natural Chews (20-Pack/$19.95): When you hear rawhide, you might think of the ultra-white, tough sticks that are sold at most pet stores, but did you know that many of those rawhide sticks are actually filled with chemicals to give them that white color? Our dogs deserve better than those harmful chemicals which is why we have REAL hide products! No added preservatives or chemicals, just the good stuff—all-natural beef hide bars and sticks!

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