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Shameless Pets

Chicago, IL

Dog - Carrate Chomp Dental Sticks

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Sunflower meal*, chickpea, tapioca, coconut glycerin, carrot*, salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, citric acid (a preservative), mint
*upcycled ingredients

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Hi-ya! Using ancient secrets, this dental stick a black belt in cleaning teeth and keeping breath fresh. The added power of fish oil provides support to the 10th degree of your pup’s skin and coat.

How to Enjoy:

0-25 lbs (1/2 piece)

25-50 lbs (1 piece)

50+ (1-2 pieces)

Pack Size:

Single Unit - 7.2 oz Bag

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Shameless Pets

Chicago, IL

Shameless Pets is an all-natural, nutritionist-crafted, sustainable dog treat brand using upcycled ingredients such as sweet potatoes that are too big or too small to have made it to grocery store shelves. All of our products are made in the USA, and our mission is to save as much food as possible by combining healthy ingredients into innovative and fun treats.

Fun Fact: They've rescued over 500K lbs of food and counting!