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Shop for the Health Noob

For the friend who needs some delish, better for you treats, we suggest giving the gift of what we like...

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    For the friend who needs some delish, better for you treats, we suggest giving the gift of what we like to call, BUBBLE Approved swaps! These swaps have all the indulgence your friend craves, with a clean label, BUBBLE Approval. Because real love is putting them onto better and healthier, 2.0 versions of their day one snacks.
    Use code "BUBBLEHOLIDAY" for $15 OFF on orders $75+


    Hella Chocolate Hazelnut Butter ($27/3-Pack) & Wear Your Snacks "Hella" Bracelet ($14)*: If you want to be the best gift at this year’s White Elephant… give the gift of gooey, chocolatey Hella, BUBBLE’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter! PS. It’s vegan, and paleo so you can be sure that everyone can snag this gift and be happy with it!





    'Okina's Gluten-Free Baking Mix Gift Set ($51.95/4-Pack): Got a friend who’s not the best at baking, but wants to make a fresh loaf of banana bread? Explore 'Okina's Original Collection of mixes — carrot currant masala, banana chocolate chip, zucchini double chocolate, and classic base. Easy to mix, easy to use, perfect results every time! Check out all their flavors here!




    Pulp Pantry's Barbecue Veggie Pulp Chip ($5.49) & Wear Your Snacks "Veggie Chip" Bracelet ($14)*: BBQ chips are typically loaded with sugars and artificial flavors! Pulp Pantry transforms upcycled, sustainable ingredients into your favorite junk foods. Their all natural, vegan, and gluten-free tortilla-style chips are made with organic juice pulp, contains way more fiber than your average chips and have fewer net carbs. Check out all their flavors here!


    Rise Oat Milk Nitro Latte ($13.99/4-Pack): To all your coffee-loving friends, this plant-based oat-milk latte is a game-changer. It's creamy, slightly sweet and refreshingly smooth. Who doesn’t need a lil'more caffeine in their lives? Check out all their flavors here!





    Barr Necessities' Raisin Walnut Cookie ($38.99/12-Pack): These are not your grandma’s cookies… these soft-baked, vegan, and gluten-free cookies is a healthier way for your loved ones to satisfy their sweet tooth! Check out all their flavors here!





    * = $1 of every sale will also be donated to Seed Sovereignty, an Indigenous-led collective, working to radicalize and disrupt colonized spaces through land, body, and food sovereignty work.


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