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Trankebar Teas

Denver, CO

Wild Swans Sweet + Bright Energizing Tea (Pack)

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Apple pomace, black tea (24,5%), rosehip, mate green (8%), sweet blackberry leaves, nettle leaves, green tea matcha (3%)

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Teas are inspired by 400 years of trading history between South Asia and the Nordic region.

Crafted with a unique blend of ingredients, this flavor combines the full-bodied sweetness of lingonberries with the brightness of the safflower petals to create a delicious black tea. With the energizing properties of matcha, yerba mate, and black tea, Wild Swans is our most caffeinated tea, making it perfect for early mornings or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.  ​

Energizing boosting Wild Swans herbal tea is there to give you the energy you need to start off your day strong. Made with quality ingredients that promote all-day energy and vitality, this herbal infusion is your go-to drink in the morning.


A cup of hot water with a tea bag for 30 seconds and ready to serve! Or you can make an iced tea!


Choice of single unit or 6-pack. Each pack contains 15 serving (2oz)

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Contains medium caffeine.


Trankebar Teas

Denver, CO

Trankebar Teas are inspired by 400 years of trading history between South Asia and the Nordic region. Our delicious combinations of teas and herbal fusions have been carefully crafted for exquisite taste and to include added benefits. From morning energizers to afternoon pick-me-ups and night-time calmers, we have the perfect indulgence tea for you.

Trankebar Tea partners with Wildlife SOS to help protect the beautiful elephants you see on the front of our tea boxes.