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Beyond Good

Brooklyn, NY

Pure Vanilla Extract (4 oz)

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The Bourbon vanilla beans for this extract are hand-cultivated on the northeast coast of Madagascar. Beyond Good's vanilla extract adds a robust floral flavor and gets better with age. Preferred by professional pastry chefs and bakers to enhance aroma and complex floral flavors. 

How to Enjoy:

Use as an ingredient in your favorite baked goods, cold desserts, and savory sauces. 

Pack Size:

Single 4oz bottle

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Beyond Good

Brooklyn, NY

Beyond Good is redefining quality and sustainability standards in the chocolate and vanilla industries. Hand-cultivated Madagascar vanilla is sought out by both pastry chefs and home cooks for its versatility in sweet and savory dishes and depth of flavor.

Fun Fact: Their journey started as Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar. They fell in love with the country and people and wanted to do more, so they started sourcing vanilla and making chocolate using Bourbon vanilla beans and heirloom cocoa from Madagascar.