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From The Impossible Burger to The "Impossible Coffee"
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From The Impossible Burger to The "Impossible Coffee"

Photo: @Fittinsider Seeking dairy-free or meat-free options is no feat these days. Now you can find a coffee-free option with Seattle...

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    Photo: @Fittinsider

    Seeking dairy-free or meat-free options is no feat these days. Now you can find a coffee-free option with Seattle based "coffee" brand, Atomo. With funding from Horizon Ventures, which also has investments in Impossible Meats, Atomo focuses on creating a “more sustainable cup.” Their coffee isn't harvested in fields, it is molecular and created in a lab — sounds intimidating but it’s the more sustainable way to make coffee with “upcycled plant-based materials”. It’ll still have the smell, taste, and caffeine we all need and love just without the beans. It’s also vegan — a BUBBLE plus for being plant based.  


    Atomo’s version of coffee isn’t just about being healthy but also focused on being a sustainable brand in the food industry. According to Grub Street, the production of coffee requires water and lots of it. Climate change is also affecting the way the beans grow which make them taste bitter — this is why 68% of coffee lovers add cream or a sweetener. With Atomo, all of this is eliminated.

    Check out some GAME CHANGING coffee products on BUBBLE!

    Rise Coffee


    Rise Coffee: This can of Nitro Cold Brew is so creamy and refreshing we can't believe it's dairy-free and sugar-free. Rise uses oat milk to create a natural creaminess and just the right amount of sweetness to start your morning all powered up!



    Wylder Coffee: Who knew we can get our probiotic fix in a cup of coffee? This is coffee that not only offers you energy but also benefits your gut-health. Wylder's innovating by creating extremophile probiotics, which are probiotics that can survive the heat needed to create a hot cup of joe.



    Woken Coffee: One of the most sustainable brands in today’s market are Woken's compostable coffee pods. Say goodbye to plastic and aluminum pods that end up polluting the environment, Woken is helping bring together convenience and conscience with coffee pods that can be naturally composted.


    Canyon Coffee: Besides being an extemely shelfie worthy product, Canyon Coffee is best consumed black, without any added sugar or milk. Its naturally sweet flavor provides notes of chocolate, nougat and stone fruit. 



    Bluestone Lane: A classic and a favorite among many, Bluestone Lane never fails! Bluestone roasts their coffee on a Loring Smart Roast S35 Kestrel – the most efficient and environmentally friendly roaster on the market.

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