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BUBBLE SWAP - Everything Sweet on Bubble
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BUBBLE SWAP - Everything Sweet on Bubble

It’s Halloween season and Bubble HQ wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near those high fructose corn syrup, orange-hued, processed sugar-laden...

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    It’s Halloween season and Bubble HQ wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near those high fructose corn syrup, orange-hued, processed sugar-laden sweets. So we’ll take a hard pass and instead, treat ourselves to a healthy dose of our favorite alternatives that’s just as sweet and are way… way healthier.

    No tricks here, just treats:

    Freaky Health Chocolate

    Freaky Health Beauty, Energy, Immunity Chocolate Bars
    Nothing freaky about these chocolate bars, besides the fact that it can actually provide you with energy instead of those sugar crash inducing chocolate bars that may or may not rhyme with Kershey. It’s naturally sweetened with mulberries and contains energy-boosting superfoods like maca, chlorella, and goji.

    Sea Salted Caramels


    Sweet Apricity Salted Caramels/ Caramel Sauce/ Marshmallows

    We can’t get enough of Sweet Apricity’s line of sweets that’s especially perfect for those on a Paleo diet. Their products get their sweetness naturally through honey, maple, and coconut sugar. On this Halloween season, you can definitely find us munching on their salted caramels and topping our hot cocoa with their marshmallows.

    Magic Dates Chocolate Bites

    Magic Dates Chocolate and Coconut Bites

    This treat hits all the sweet spots: chewy, crunchy, and sweet all at the same time. These Magic Dates are truly magical containing whole ingredients like dates, walnuts, cacao nibs, coconut and cocoa powder. It’s another way we like to deliciously sustain our energy throughout the day.

    Date Lady Chocolate SpreadDate Lady Chocolate Date Spread Sure you can spread it on toast or pair it with your favorite fruits but we just can’t help and eat this stuff by the spoonful. It’s so fudgy and gooey that it feels like we’re doing something bad. But a quick peek at its ingredients containing whole superfoods like date syrup and cocoa is a reminder that there’s no need to be guilty here.


    Pulp PantryPulp Pantry Variety Pack (Cacao, Cinnamon Toast, and Vanilla Sea Salt) 
    Besides the sugar-crash you can look forward to after indulging on processed Halloween sweets, we can’t forget the trauma of the inevitable tummy-ache. Pulp Pantry’s addicting snacks provides crunch and just the right amount of sweetness. Pulp is what’s left-over after juicing your fruits and veg, it’s also a minefield of nutrient rich fibers with probiotics helping you achieve that good-for-you gut feeling. Pulp Pantry comes to the rescue to save the pulp and get them inside our bodies.


    Ashapops Dark ChocolateAshapops Dark Chocolate
    Ashapops' Dark Chocolate is the sweet version of a snack we can’t seem to stop talking about and snacking on. New to this ancient superfood snack? We got you, these popped water lily seeds check off everything under the sun they’re low-calorie, plant-based, vegan, paleo, and filled with Magnesium and Vitamin B6.


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