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BUBBLE's 21 Most Innovative List
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BUBBLE's 21 Most Innovative List

Throughout the past year, the BUBBLE team has seen thousands of products come through our BUBBLE Approval Process, from snacks,...

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    Throughout the past year, the BUBBLE team has seen thousands of products come through our BUBBLE Approval Process, from snacks, supplements to pet treats and everything in between. We’ve encountered so much innovation from brands who are truly making a change in the food world.

    And so, we are proud to kickstart 2021 with our annual, 21 Most Innovative BUBBLE Approved Brands, that you need to RESTOCK AND RESET for the New Year!


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    1. JOYÀ Adaptogenic Immunity Bundle ($108)

    For having gone through one of the most stressful years, there is one staple we like to have handy in our pantry… adaptogens! A mixture of herbs and shrooms, legal of course ;) that adapt to our body to help physical, mental, and emotional stress. We’ve seen all types of adaptogen mixes, but how many can you trust when it comes to prioritizing sourcing and quality? Joyà does exactly that and wins on taste, we love every sip of their elixirs!



    2. Kaleidoscope Foods Heirloom Basil Pesto Kale Chips ($28.99/3-pack)

    Medicine in the form of a delicious, crunchy chip? We’re obsessed! Kaleidoscope Foods brings two of the most nutritious foods, kale and bone broth to create a savory and satisfying snack. And of course, they didn’t forget about vegans! Kaleidoscope creates a similar kale chip with fresh, sprouted, and fermented, ingredients in flavors like lemon ginger miso and heirloom basil pesto. 


    White Cheddar Popped Snack

    3. Bohana Wild White Cheddar Popped Snack ($24.99/6-pack)

    Continuing on the snack train, Bohana is another all time fave and staple in our BUBBLE Approved pantry. These popped lily seeds have replaced cheese-laden snacks and pop-corn kernels that constantly get stuck in our teeth! Fun fact: They recently pitched these lil puffs on Shark Tank and received a $200,000 deal with Mr. Wonderful!



    Milk Cleanse

    4. LabElymental Milk Cleanse Kit ($270)

    Cleanses are no longer about extreme dieting! We’ve found purposeful cleanses that are much more than depriving yourself for days on end. Enter the Milk Cleanse, it contains an 8-day kit that we’ve found to be extremely worth it! It helped us reset our mind and body making us feel good about the food we eat, think more clearly, and have more energy to get through long days. Bonus Points: a percentage of their profits goes towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

    Curious Elixirs

    5. Curious Elixirs No. 02  ($38.00/4-pack)

    Like a little hug for your liver, these booze-free drinks help us feel like we’re back at a speakeasy in New York and the pandemic never happened. These chic, expertly crafted cocktails go through a fermentation process and is filled with a blend of herbs so you know that it will make you feel good and it’s good for you!

    Everipe Smoothies


    6. Everipe Freeze Dried Smoothie Kit ($26.99/5-pack)

    Everipe is THE very first BUBBLE Approved Smoothie! We love these for many different reasons: we can make it in 60 seconds, the fruits are freeze dried at its peak vitality so they’re always ripe and we get the most nutrients out of them, and they don’t need to be refrigerated?! That’s convenience at its finest.

    Acid League

    7. Acid League Strabberry Rosé Vinegar ($59.94/6-pack)

    Vinegars are kind of having a moment right now. When we found Acid League, we knew we had to have it in our pantries. We’re a sucker for shelfie-worthy items, and when that item makes our kitchen look good, our food taste good, and benefit our gut-health, we deem it a staple!



    8. Hella Peppermint Chocolate Hazelnut Butter ($36.00/4-pack) 

    Twas a Hella of a year ;) and we can really only truly find comfort in the form of ooey gooey chocolate, hazelnut buttery goodness in a jar of Hella. If you missed out on our first restock, this is your chance to make sure you get a taste of Hella with Hella Peppermint!


    9. Cleanli Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer ($13.98/2-pack)

    If there is one essential item coming out of 2020 that’s definitely hand sanitizer. And who would’ve ever thought that BUBBLE would be carrying hand sanitizer?! Thanks to the pandemic this has been a staple in our pockets whenever we venture out into the world. This one from Cleanli smells like delish Rosemary Yuzu and is possibly the cutest hand sanitizer ever.


    10. 'Okina Gluten-Free, Vegan Baking Bundle ($51.95/4-pack)

    If you’re like us, you’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than ever before! Okina’s baking mixes are a fool-proof way to make your kitchen smell like a delicious bakery even for beginner bakers. Let the banana bread trend live on!

    Aqua Equity

    11. Aqua Equity Electrolyte Enhanced Purified Water ($21.99/12-pack)

    Electrolyte Enhanced Purified Water using reverse osmosis? In short, this is not your run-of-the-mill tap water. Of course, water is essential but what we love about Aqua Equity besides all of the science that goes into making this drink is that they also do good investing in under-resourced urban communities, in order to help close the social equity gap


    12. Pagel Everything Bagel ($23.98/2-pack)

    Once you go pagel you’ll never go bagel! Whether you prefer a sweet pagel or an original pagel, these gluten free, grain free, paleo and vegan bagels are always in stock in our 2021 pantries. Pro tip: throw them in the freezer upon delivery!

    Seed Ranch

    13. Seed Ranch Vegan Cheese Seasoning Set ($19.99/2-pack)

    If you’re vegan but not a big fan of the taste of nutritional yeast, we’ve got just the right seasoning for you! When we discovered Seed Ranch we knew it would be a hit! Their seasonings are packed with umami flavor from fancy porcini mushrooms, kelp fronds, and more. It’s the perfect addition to roasted veggies.

    Pulp Chips

    14. Pulp Pantry Barbecue Veggie Chips ($5.49)

    One of the headliners in this year’s biggest trend of upcycled food, Pulp Pantry takes juice pulp filled with fiber-goodness and transforms them into delicious tortilla chips!

    Wander Broth

    15. Wander Broth Freeze-Dried Beef Bone Broth No Salt Added ($50.00/10-pack)

    This stuff is liquid gold! These convenient little freeze dried packets of bone broth turn into warm, collagen-packed broth that makes us feel good both inside and out. It’s just the warm hug we need heading into a new year!


    16. Promix Chocolate Collagen Protein Powder ($24.99)

    Some good quality protein for your new year workouts! Created by athlete, registered dietician, and founder of SoHo Strength Lab in NYC, we love everything Promix makes from their Protein Powders to Crispy Marshmallow Protein Treats reminiscent of Rice Krispies Treats.

    The Only Bean

    17. The Only Bean Edameme Spaghetti ($11.99/2-pack)

    Pasta with 3 times the protein, 6x the fiber, and less carbs than an average noodle! As we head to the New Year we're getting the most out of the foods we eat! These pastas are also good for the planet enriching rather than depleting, the soil during the growing process. They provide 2x more usable protein per acre than any other major vegetable and 15x more than land set aside for meat production.

    Core & Rind

    18. Core & Rind Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce ($9.99)

    This vegan cheese sauce always finds a way into our pantries’ rotation and this new year is certainly no different! These cashew cheesy sauces are perfect for mac and cheese or for dipping chips!

    Herbal Coffee

    19. Wooden Spoon Herbs Herbal Coffee ($38)

    In 2020 we're not conforming to the coffee norm! Brew a batch of microbiome-friendly energy herbal coffee. Prebiotic roots and invigorating herbs join forces to help you become a solar power to greet the day. 

    S&J Canine


    20. S&J Canine Co. Pumpkin Treats ($13.99)

    ATTN: Pet Owners! If you haven’t heard already, BUBBLE now curates clean label food for your furry friends because they deserve the same standards we hold for humans like you! One of BUBBLE’s very own furry friends’ favorite has been freeze dried pumpkin dog treats from Black-Founded brand, S&J Canine Co!

    Heed Foods

    21. Heed Foods Dog Kibble, Fresh Chicken & Ancient Grains ($34.99)

    ATTN: Pet Owners! There is no better time than the new year to prioritize and pay attention to what you’re feeding your dogs! This female-founded, BIPOC company coming out of LA is shaking up the dog treat world! No fillers, just dog damn good ingredients that’s high in protein, grain-inclusive and with probiotics!

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