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The Only Bean

Grand Rapids, MI

Edamame Spaghetti (Pack)

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Edamame Beans*
*organic ingredient

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Made with 100% Edamame and packed with 3x the protein, 6x the fiber, and less than ½ the carbs of the average noodle. Beans are also good for the planet enriching rather than depleting, the soil during the growing process. They provide 2x more usable protein per acre than any other major vegetable and 15x more than land set aside for meat production.

Toss with pesto or your favorite sauce for a hearty meal ready in less than 10 minutes.

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Available in a 2-pack or 6-pack

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Contains soy


The Only Bean

Grand Rapids, MI

The Only Bean is a plant-based food company using beans to create innovative food products that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable.