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Symmetree Bar

Westlake Village, CA

Symmetree Bar Variety Pack (8-Pack)

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: stone ground cashew butter*, hazelnuts*, dates*, maple syrup*, ground flax seeds*, dark chocolate chips* (unsweetened chocolate*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*), coconut*, vanilla extract*, Himalayan salt
Pecan Pie: pecans, stone ground pecan butter*, dates*, maple syrup*, ground flax seeds*, coconut*, vanilla extract*, cinnamon*, Himalayan salt
White Chocolate Raspberry: stone ground cashew butter*, cashews*, dates*, wild honey*, ground flax seeds*, cocoa butter, coconut*, raspberries*, Himalayan salt
Maple Almond Crunch: stone ground almond butter*, almonds*, maple syrup*, dates*, ground flax seeds*, coconut*, vanilla extract*, Himalayan salt
*Organic ingredient

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Not sure which flavor you like best? This variety pack lets you try all the Symmetree Bar flavors. Your taste buds will thank you! Bars are crafted with stone ground nut butters, fresh cracked nut pieces, and raw honey, creating a unique balance of sweet, salty, creamy, and crunchy. 

Pack includes: 2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars, 2 Maple Almond Crunch Bars, 2 Pecan Pie Bars, and 2 White Chocolate Raspberry Bars. 


Eat on-the-go, enjoy before or after a workout, sprinkle on yogurt or in smoothies. Can be used to replace traditional unhealthy desserts. The perfect snack to pair with coffee. 


Pack containing 8 bars. 




Contains tree nuts. 


Symmetree Bar

Westlake Village, CA

Symmetree Bar was co-founded by Mike and Justin, who's athletic careers were ultimately cut short due to various injuries, and unfortunately, poor nutrition. This propelled them into a life of research which resulted in them practicing healthier living. They worked diligently to perfect the recipe and through trial and error and two years of product development landed on a truly delicious and unique recipe.

Fun Fact: Justin played Professional tennis around the world and Mike was being scouted by the Atlanta Braves.