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Nepal Tea

Nepal Tea

Long Island City, NY

Nepal Tea Sampler (11-Pack)

View reviews for Nepal Tea Sampler (11-Pack)
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(7 Pure Teas) (Camellia Sinensis)
Ganesha Green, Kanchanjangha Verde, Silver Yeti, White Prakash, Kanchanjangha Noir, Kumari Gold, Shangri-la Oolong
(4 blends)
Kathmandu Cosmos - Organic golden tips black tea* (Kumari Gold), regular SFTGFOP black tea*, ginger*, black cardamom*, lemongrass*, cinnamon leaves* and orange peel
Kathmandu Cosmos Decaf - Ginger*, black cardamom*, lemongrass*, cinnamon leaves* and orange peel
Nepali Breakfast - Our Kanchanjangha Noir organic black tea*, organic ginger*, organic black cardamom*, organic cinnamon leaf* and black pepper
Buddha's Blend - White Prakash (our organic white tea*, Camellia sinensis), Ginger*, cinnamon leaf*, black cardamom*, sichuan pepper*, lemongrass*, turmeric* and orange peel
*organic ingredients

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The Nepal Tea Sampler features the entire tea collection of 11 different teas. From the strong, robust flavors and spiced teas to delicately flavored ones, you are sure to find the perfect taste to match your liking.


Use approximately 2 grams of loose leaf chai tea (or a teabag) per 8.5 fl. oz. of water at 210º F, steep for 5 minutes


This loose tea leaves sampler travel pouch comes with 11 varieties of tea (2 in tea bags and 9 Loose-Leaf). 



Legal Disclaimer Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


Nepal Tea

Nepal Tea

Long Island City, NY

Nepal Tea is a social enterprise that distributes the freshest teas around the world directly from the producers. They're creating a tech-enabled transparent tea trade to connect primary producers to the ultimate consumers! Don't forget to scan the QR code on our packets! :)

Fun Fact: Nepal Tea Foundation aims to create opportunities to mobilize the current generation through employment and to empower the next generation through education.