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Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function

Whidbey Island, WA

Cordyceps Ghee (6 oz.)

View reviews for Cordyceps Ghee (6 oz.)
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Cordyceps mushrooms, grassfed butter*
*Organic & Non-GMO
All Cognitive Function mushrooms are grown by our collective of U.S cultivators, Hive Mind Co-op a MycoSymbiotics x Cognitive Function initiative. Our third party approval process requires: Origin of wild strain, Date harvested, Ingredients utilized and Fair Energy Exchange for all employees included in this process.

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Cordyceps have became quite the hot mushroom in the media lately. Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their energetic properties, cordyceps sinensis has been a prized medicinal for centuries.

Cordyceps can aid in respiratory support, and help with the body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This molecule is key for delivering energy to muscles making them the perfect pre-workout.

 What is Ghee? We’ve removed all the water and milk solids from butter to big you this creamy, fatty goodness (the good fat of course).

Gimme the science:

Our biology naturally uses structures called vesicles to transport materials inside our cells and throughout our body, this usually occurs in the form of liposomes. These “envelopes” are like cargo containers that ensure whatever is being delivered remains intact (particularly for bioactive compounds and nutrients).

Since lipids are fats and vesicles are made out of lipids, we can utilize this mode of transportation for encapsulating active compounds from our Cordyceps (more specifically, cordycepin) into fats to highly boost their absorption throughout our bodies.

In short, this fat is helping to transport all of our active ingredients into our cells to bring you your mega boost!


I am a buttery consistency with a creamy, nutty taste. I work tirelessly to show people how I’m a better butter (use me up just like you would butter without the guilt). 

Melt me on top of steaks, add me into smoothies, make me into a “bulletproof” coffee (1T of Ghee to 8oz of coffee in a blender) pro tip: use our Reishi honey as a sweetener ;), use me externally! I work wonders on dry skin, and on dry lips! Eat me straight up! Or add some honey into my jar and take a spoon to the face!


Available in a 6oz jar



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Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function

Whidbey Island, WA

Cognitive Function is focused on applications of medicinal fungi and plants to further holistic living through comprehensive research and development. CF exists to be a leader in fungi focused nutraceuticals and to provide clean solutions. They aim to deliver a fresh perspective on physical and mental health.