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Written in the Stars: 2021 BUBBLE Health Food Horoscope
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Written in the Stars: 2021 BUBBLE Health Food Horoscope

Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, what a year 2020 has been! If you ask us, we cannot wait to...

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    Calling all stargazers and foodies alike, what a year 2020 has been! If you ask us, we cannot wait to seek brighter, more positive days ahead in this new year… If you're stuck on what resolutions or diet you need to commit to for 2021, we've got you covered on what you should really be munching on for the most ambitious year yet!

    Aries - Popcorn 

    Focus and concentration is the name of the game this year Aries, career challenges may arise in the middle of the year, but keep control of your negative thoughts and maybe keep a snack or two... or 3 handy *ahem, Three Dad’s Popcorn ;) to stay positive and motivated!








    Taurus - Coffee

    There is so much to learn this year Taurus, expect to be in a generally happy mood, willing to learn and grow both your knowledge and personality. A sip of Dripkit's fresh pour-over coffee every morning will set you up for bright days ahead.









    Gemini - Chocolate

    Luck is on your side this year Gemini, as you experience less obstacles. 2021 is a year you let go of past issues. Grab some “Sweet Dream” Beauty Bar Chocolate to celebrate a refreshing new year ahead!





    Cancer - Cookies

    This year may start off slow, stay strong as 2021 may pose as a more challenging year ahead for you, Cancer. Be sure to reward your hard work and efforts with Empowered Cookie. These cookies will empower you through your day, your work out and your 3o’clock drop. You’re gonna need it.





    Leo - Sauce

    Family time is important as you form a deep emotional attachment with your loved ones so whip up something for your fam and friends with My Dad’s Tomato Sauce. This family-owned business is all about family dinners and making memories.










    Virgo - Vinegar

    Creativity and enthusiasm will come easily to you in whatever you set your sights on this year, Virgo. Celebrate all this positivity with some Acid League’s Living Vinegars. We’re digging the Lemon Meyer Vinegar for that brighter punch of flavor.










    Libra - Baking Mix

    Libra, look forward to one of the most successful years ahead as you make major progress in all aspects of your life. Although you’ve been in quarantine for who knows how long, you’ll find happiness and peace spending the long days at home baking! Perfect your new quarantine baking skills with Okina’s Gluten-Free Banana Bread Mix!


     Scorpio - Energy Bar

    Channel all of your extra energy this year into positive things Scorpio! You’ll find yourself gaining courage in the upcoming year ahead, you’ll surely be stepping out of your comfort zone. So try out some Promix's Crispy Vanilla Marshmallow Protein Treat to get started!








    Sagittarius - Adaptogenic Beverage

    Many surprises are awaiting you, Sagittarius. High on that list is success, fortune, and prosperity! Grab yourself a can of Free Rain and to celebrate an exciting year ahead with a boost of energy!










    Capricorn - Plant-Based Jerky

    Think long and hard about your decisions this year Capricorn, all decisions you make will decide the outcome of your year. So take it one step at a time with this plant-based kelp jerky from Akua. Kelp Jerky is the perfect snack overflowing with vitamins, minerals, omegas, and antioxidants.







    You may face some challenges Aquarius, but this means you’ll be learning and gaining more experience! So think positive! Steamy or iced, there's nothing better than invigorating, soothing herbal tea from JOYÀ.










    Pisces - Cheese

    Steady progress is in store for you this year, Pisces. Increase your efforts and you’ll surely reach your goals. Grab some crunchy keto bites from Moon Cheese, these 100% All-American Pepper Jack Cheese will keep you fueled up and motivated. 






     Illustrations by Wendy Ching







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