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The BUBBLE Vegan Guide
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The BUBBLE Vegan Guide

Credits: Instagram @antoni To many, being a vegan seems unattainable. “There’s no way I can cut off meat cold turkey!...

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    Credits: Instagram @antoni

    To many, being a vegan seems unattainable. “There’s no way I can cut off meat cold turkey! (pun-intended) How do vegans do it?” We’re here to bust the myth behind veganism and make it easier for you to consider your own dietary needs. Bubble is stacked with some of the best vendors of vegan goods, and we’re here to make sure that they pass our rigorous set of standards to become a part of the Bubble!

    A vegan diet is a plant-based diet, free of all animal byproducts. About 2% of the American population practice veganism with a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains, and starches. There are a ton of benefits that comes from practicing veganism. One of which is that having a plant-based diet switches your focus from calorie dense foods, to a more nutrient dense diet.

    And not to worry, living a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up some of your favorite “junk foods.” With our growing list of delicious #BubbleApproved (link our about page) vegan snacks, Bubble’s giving vegans much more than a carrot stick and hummus to munch on.

    And a bonus for those interested in exploring a vegan diet but worried about missing meat, try innovations like Tofurky or Impossible Burgers. While Bubble doesn’t currently carry perishable items, these are on the top of our list to approve for the future!

    Some of our Vegan favorites at  Bubble HQ . . . .

    Magic Dates Chocolate Date Bites: It’s literally a brownie! Made from whole ingredients, it for sure replaces our powdery Betty Crocker mix.

    Lily Puff’s: Our favorite from day one. With only five ingredients (Puffed Water Lily Seeds, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Paprika, Sea Salt). It’s the better version and the version we all deserve of Cheetos.

    Core+Rind Cashew Cheesy Sauce: As we mentioned before, eating a plant-based diet means no animal by products. Core+Rind is a major step-up than the Kraft Mac & Cheese yellow powder packet. It’s creamy and ooey gooey delicious. You can’t believe it’s not cheese! If you want to spice up your life, try the Core+Rind Chipotle Cashew Cheesy Sauce.

    Do: Eat an abundance of fruits and veggies in high quantities. These type of foods are less calorie dense, and you’ll need to eat more to hit your daily requirements.

    Avoid: Any and all animal product like meat, dairy, eggs, and even honey.

    Expect: Increased energy, lower cholesterol, improved digestive health, and lower blood pressure.

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