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Shop Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Give the gift of BUBBLE Approved goods that are good for you and for the environment. These brands are innovating...

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    Give the gift of BUBBLE Approved goods that are good for you and for the environment. These brands are innovating for a cleaner, brighter planet with eco-friendly, made from recyclable or compostable materials!
    Use code "BUBBLEHOLIDAY" for $15 OFF orders $75+
    Eat Candid's Noons Banana & Nibs Whole Cacao Crunch Bites ($3.99/Pack): This for the eco-friendly, chocolate lover! Candid Noons are delectable cacao crunch bites crafted for true dark- chocolate lovers. Candid works with farmers who practice regenerative agroforestry in order to help regenerate soil and improve ecosystems. BONUS: The snack box is recyclable and the inner-bag is compostable!  Check out all their flavors here

    Lil Bucks' Sustainable New Year Bundle ($22): A sprinkle of crunchy, with a side of eco-friendly. This protein-packed snack is made from sustainable, sprouted buckwheat, a low-input crop with high yields, while adding nutrients to the soil! They’ve also partnered up with rePurpose Global to get certified Plastic Neutral! Check out all their products here!

    Woken Coffee's Arabica Espresso Pods ($13.50/20 Pods)
    : We all know a coffee lover in our life. Nespresso compatible, Woken is a sustainable-minded company reducing the waste and guilt that comes with single-serve espresso pods by being 100% compostable! Check out all their flavors here!

    Saltverk's Finishing Salt Set ($44.90): If you’re into the earth and how it works - this is the gift for you  . . . and maybe your dad. With salt that's 100% produced by geothermal energy, meaning that during the whole process they leave zero carbon footprints on the environment. Science is cool, but sustainable science is cooler!

    Unwrapp'd's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites ($24.99/6-Pack)
    : Unwrapp’d is unwrapping all their zero-waste secrets! They are dedicated in building a zero-waste company and have partnered up with several zero-waste delivery partners in some local areas. From product packaging to outer-packaging - Unwrapp’d repurposes boxes to close the loop and so can you. Snack responsibly! Check out all their flavors here!

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