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Portland, ME

Arctic Thyme, Flaky, Birch Smoked and Lava Salt Set

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Flaky Sea Salt: Sea salt
Arctic Thyme Salt: Sea salt, arctic thyme (4% of 100g)
Lava Salt: Sea salt, activated charcoal (1% of 100g)
Birch Smoked Salt: Sea salt, smoked naturally (5% of 100g)

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A classic combination of 3 types of flavored salt and our classic Flaky Sea Salt in a beautiful gift box. A perfect gift to bring to a dinner party or just to surprise your foodie friends! Saltverk's Flake Salt is produced with 100% geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is the sole energy source used, which means that during our whole process we leave zero carbon footprints on the environment. 

How to Enjoy:

Because our salt contains natural minerals and is not processed, we recommend using approximately 20% less salt when using Saltverk in place of traditional table salt. 

More About Saltverk:




Portland, ME

Saltverk is hand-harvested, sustainable sea salt from the remote Westfjords of Iceland. Using 100% geothermal energy and only one raw material — the pristine seawater of the region — Saltverk is one of the few entirely sustainable flake sea-salt producers in the world.

Fun Fact:

The production method that Saltverk employs is based on the process that was put into action by the Danish king in the 18th century; salt was once a revered commodity used for the preservation of fish for trade.