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5 Non-Alc Brands You Need to Know!
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5 Non-Alc Brands You Need to Know!

Give your mind and body a break and sip on non-alc beverages - see ya later hangovers! BUBBLE has everything...

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    Give your mind and body a break and sip on non-alc beverages - see ya later hangovers! BUBBLE has everything from flavorful beers to adaptogenic cocktails to bubbly rosé and dry secco.


    1. Gruvi's Non-Alc Dry Secco (8-pack/$36): Inspired by the effervescence of champagne, this non-alc prosecco is thoughtfully crafted from hand-picked chardonnay grapes. Delicate, floral and semi-dry with a touch of tartness this will quickly become your go-to for any kind of celebration. Not a fan of bubbly beverages? Have no far – Gruvi also carries a selection of deliciously satisfying non-alc beers.



    2. Mixly's Grapefruit Jalapeño Cocktail Mixer ($19): Want a little pep in your cocktail/mocktail? With just a hint of heat, this refreshing citrus concoction pairs perfectly with soda water or any of your preferred base beverages. Made simply with grapefruit, water, lime, honey and jalapeño, this mixer not only tastes good, but will make you feel good, too!



    3. Curious Elixirs' Aperol Spritz Mocktail (4-pack/$40): Who doesn't love an Aperol Spritz? Curious Elixirs are non-alc craft booze-free cocktails for everyone! Crafted for complexity, brewed for maximum flavor, and lightly carbonated to make your mouth dance. FUN FACT: This beverage is completely free of added sugar!!!



    4. Splash's Blue Agave Margarita Mixers ($12.49): Where are my mocktail margarita lovers at?! SPLASH is the delicious margarita cocktail you know and love made with clean, real, natural ingredients. Crafted with a refreshing blend of fresh lime and organic blue agave, this mixer is low sugar, low calorie, gluten-free, keto-friendly, Kosher certified AND non-GMO. We're obsessed.



    5. Runamok Maple Tonic Cocktail Syrup ($16.95): Starting with our best maple syrup, Runamok Maple has given your gin + tonic new life. Replace your standard tonic water by combining this syrup with club soda, seltzer, or sparkling water for the most refreshing summer drink that's completely booze-free.

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