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Van Nuys, CA

Indian Fusion Popcorn Variety Pack (3-Pack)

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Black Truffle Masala: Black Truffle, Turmeric, Kashmiri Red Chili, Sea Salt, Avocado Oil
Mint Chaat: Chaat Masala, Spearmint, Salt, Avocado Oil
Chili Chaat: Chaat Masala, Kashmiri Red Chili, Salt, Avocado Oil

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We're all about celebrating our Indian-American identity through the best way we know how -- snacks! Our healthy ethnic fusion snacks stay true to our immigrant roots while celebrating the cultural influences of growing up in America. Come grab our Variety Pack to try all 3 flagship popcorn flavors -- Black Truffle Masala, Mint Chaat Masala & Chili Chaat Masala!


The Variety Box includes a resealable family-size bags of each popcorn flavor! Each bag contains 4.4oz or 17 cups of popcorn (~1.5x more than your normal bag!).




Contains no major allergens.



Van Nuys, CA

Hi! I’m Aadit, the founder and snacker-in-chief here at Confusion, a healthy ethnic fusion snack brand. I built Confusion to celebrate the confusing, muddled, fusion of being the child of immigrants in the U.S. I wanted a snack that felt like me, an Indian-American kid trying to figure out how both cultures fit into my identity. I’m excited to bring these unconventional, aunty-approved snacks to people just like us and for the curious snackers ready to put down the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and try something a little different.

Things are about to get a little confusing, are you ready?