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Gather Nuts

Bend, OR

Maple Cinnamon Brazil Nuts

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Organic Brazil nuts, organic maple syrup, organic cinnamon, ground ginger, sea salt.

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We’ll be honest – when our founder set out to make a tasty Brazil nut, she was only thinking of herself. Knowing Brazil nuts are high in selenium, a nutrient necessary for optimal thyroid health and strong immune function, she set out to make one she would like. With the combination of cinnamon and a touch of ginger tossed with a tad of maple syrup, our Brazil nuts are not only edible but desirable. In fact, they have become one of our most popular nuts! We hand-cut our Brazil nuts prior to flavoring to create a more palatable surface area, then slow roast them to perfection.


Straight out of the bag, chopped up and sprinkled on oatmeal, or blended into nut butter and topped on vegan ice cream!


Single unit. Each pack contains 1 serving (10oz)




Made on equipment with almonds, cashews, and Brazil Nuts. Made with Tree Nuts. Not suitable for people with celiac disease.


Gather Nuts

Bend, OR

I'm a plant-based nutritionist with a passion for fueling healthy lives one nut at a time. We provide soaked and slow-roasted organic nut-based snacks in a variety of flavors that are void of harmful unnecessary additives. We're unique in that we deliver on every aspect from health to flavor to a satisfying crunch. Our slow-roasting process naturally protects healthy fats, and our flavors are created solely with culinary spices. The result? A truly healthy exceptionally tasty transportable snack that can be used in a variety of ways to support your nutrition at home and on the go.