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Hi! Human Improvement

Santa Monica, CA

Hi! Vanilla Protein Superfood Multi-Serve Bag (Pack)

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The Easiest to Digest Protein: formulated to be non-bloating with 5x gut health support. The blend of superfoods, plant-based protein, and cricket protein delivers all your essential amino acids and is perfect for post-workout recovery, building lean muscle, all-day energy, and satiating hunger. A deliciously balance vanilla seasoned with pink Himalayan salt that has been reformulated to be smoother and more delicious! Using only the cleanest ingredients it is packed with B12, iron, fiber, and gut-boosting prebiotic, chitin. Dairy-free, gluten-free, no added sugar and keto and paleo friendly!

How to Enjoy:

  • Shake it up in a protein shake
  • Sprinkle into your yogurt, oatmeal or granola
  • Mix it with your coffee
  • Blend it into smoothies

Pack Sizes:

Available in 1-pack or 2-pack (save 12.5%)

15 servings per bag

More About hi! Human Improvement:

Allergy Warning:

Those who are allergic to shellfish may be allergic to crickets

Contains Tree Nuts: Coconuts



Santa Monica, CA

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Josh C
perfect in coffee

This is perfect to swap into coffee instead of creamer!

Derek McCarty
Best Vanilla Protein I've Ever Tasted

First off, the packaging is amazing. Second, this has to be the best vanilla protein I've ever had. It was refreshing and filled me up without making me feel boated. Never using whey again!

First vanilla protein I actually like!

Part of original taste testing and was blown away by this Vanilla. I usually go for chocolate no matter what kind of protein, but this tasted GREAT! I even tried a few smoothies with it and couldn't even tell there was a whole 20g of extra protein in there. The vanilla protein I used to use for smoothies left aftertaste and a weird chalkiness unlike hi! vanilla.

A Charles
Tastes great

Tastes great, sustainably sourced.

Tom L.
Soooo Good

I'm not usually a fan of Vanilla, but this one I actually love! Almost tastes like icing without being too sweet, and I LOVE that there isn't any sugar added in. I usually put it in my morning smoothies with a handful of fruits and spinach.

Seriously tastes awesome, you really nailed it!