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The Qi

New York, NY

Floral Infusion Variety Tea Collection (Pack)

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Lotus Flower*, Rose Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower*
*Organic Ingredient

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The Qi creates good for you flower infusions.

The lotus flower infusion contains a rich, floral, and fruity aroma, refreshing and bold flavor with notes of anise and a pleasant aftertaste.

The rose flower infusion contains a delicate fragrance, with a subtle floral flavor and slightly tangy, fruity notes. 

The chrysanthemum infusion contains a delicate fragrance, and mildly sweet, herbal flavor with notes of honey in the aftertaste. 

Steeping Instructions:

Pour boiling water over 1 flower in a cup and steep for 3 minutes. Then enjoy infusion.

Pack Size: 

3 x Individually Packed Organic Lotus

3 x Individually Packed Organic Chrysanthemum

3 x Individually Packed Rose

More About The Qi:



The Qi

New York, NY

The Qi is a wellness brand tooted in time-honored Eastern holistic healing wisdom. Specializing in organically grown whole flower teas our mission is to empower you to feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm in our busy days through the power of sensory whole flower tea rituals.