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Sip in Style with Luxury Reusable Straws
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Sip in Style with Luxury Reusable Straws

Photo: Gotty Ready to save the turtles at any cost? For those wanting to save the earth in true luxury,...

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    Photo: Gotty

    Ready to save the turtles at any cost? For those wanting to save the earth in true luxury, Dior has just released $150 reusable straws crafted from hand-blown glass. Inside each nature-inspired printed box is a set of six straws—one design is head-to-toe gold, and another is white with a gold swirl.

    Photo: Dior

    This isn’t the only luxury brand jumping on the reusable straw trend. Yves Saint Laurent sells two brass straws for $235 with the option of a black or silver color. These are made in Italy and feature the Saint Laurent signature, so everyone will see you’re sipping in (expensive) style.

    Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

    Earlier this year, Tiffany and Co. released its bendy take on reusable straws, which come in gold, rose gold, and silver and all feature the signature Tiffany blue color. These were sold for $275 for sterling silver and $375 for gold, but are no longer available on Tiffany’s website.

    Photo: Tiffany & Co.

    For those who are looking to get into sustainability without the hefty price tag, do not fret! Reusable straws are available everywhere: from online to your local bubble tea shop or cafe, the move away from single-use plastics has been spreading rapidly.

    One of BUBBLE's favorites is Orez, a lifestyle and sustainability brand. Co-founder Ramona Zanolari says the company came from her "deep-rooted passion of wanting to go zero waste." 

    Photo: Orez

    Zanolari thinks that every brand should jump on this reusable straw trend, but they should also be conscious of the packaging they use. She explains, "The products they offer need to integrate zero waste into their design as well. It is great that they are starting to do something about it, but they should not just distract and be part of the trend but to make a real change."

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