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Bubble Launches Online Marketplace of Curated Health Foods
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Bubble Launches Online Marketplace of Curated Health Foods

With New Funding from Supermodel Karlie Kloss, NBA Star Miles Plumlee, and OpenNest’s Tyler Wakstein, Bubble Expands Offerings and Launches...

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    With New Funding from Supermodel Karlie Kloss, NBA Star Miles Plumlee, and OpenNest’s Tyler Wakstein, Bubble Expands Offerings and Launches its First Product, Hella.

    NEW YORK (January 14, 2019) - Today Bubble, the destination for curated, innovative health & wellness products, officially launched its online marketplace featuring the best-tasting, highest-integrity health foods to fit people’s needs and lifestyles, including Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Gut health, among others. With new seed funding from supermodel and entrepreneur, Karlie Kloss, NBA star, Miles Plumlee, and OpenNest’s Tyler Wakstein, Bubble plans to introduce more independent food brands to its marketplace and launch its own branded products, including today’s release of Hella, a new, better-for-you cocoa hazelnut spread.

    “At Bubble, we’re on a mission to refresh ‘clean eating’ by removing the limits of previous health food marketplaces so people can redefine the way they shop, discover, and eat food,” said Jessica Young, Bubble’s Founder & CEO. “We want to be the place someone first hears about what is happening in health food and can buy it. Our marketplace is designed to be the one-stop shop for vetted health products, curated to fit individual dietary and functional needs. We are creating our own world in the future of food, a bubble, where things are easy, transparent and protected.”  

    “I’ve always been passionate about discovering food options and ingredients that are both delicious and good for you," Kloss said. "Bubble is creating a community that offers tasty, nutritious products in a smart, easy-to-search way. I'm excited to support Bubble’s female-led team as they launch the marketplace." 

    Health isn’t just a lifestyle for me, it’s a passion. Making sure others have access to the best, vetted healthy products is important to me,” said Plumlee. “Growing up in Indiana, I didn’t always have access to the kinds of products Bubble offers and now as someone who travels frequently, being able to get best-in-class products to support my health needs anywhere in the country is a necessity.”

    A One-Stop Shop For Dietary & Functional Needs

    As a Michelin-trained chef and through her previous role as Head of Product and Operations at Daily Harvest, Young developed a keen awareness for predicting what’s next in nutrition - from moringa to extremophile probiotics -- and identified a missed opportunity in the health food world: a health food utopia where the most delicious and healthiest food is abundant and seamless to navigate.

    Within its marketplace, Bubble currently offers 500+ health products made by both Bubble and independent producers, using a variety of next-in-nutrition ingredients. Bubble is set up like a true marketplace where products ship straight from vetted brands straight to customers. Unlike traditional retail models that rely on wholesale, Bubble uses its collective power to leverage content and marketing as a way to bring customers together.

    “The future of wellness, direct-to-consumer, and online education targeted for the masses in the health space is a wide open space still,” said Wakstein. “I’ve invested in Bubble because I love Jessica’s background, passion and strategy as a founder, and I believe Bubble is well positioned to be a unique brand with loyal following.”  

    Individuals who sign up for newsletter access will be the first in the know on the latest in health and wellness, as well as be among the first to be able to purchase exclusive product “drops” over the course of the year - taking a cue from product launch models of today’s popular streetwear brands. Bubble’s marketplace also allows shoppers to search for products that meet their specific diet preferences (i.e. keto, vegan) and health goals (i.e. digestion, cold defense, memory improvement).  

    As the new, trusted platform for those looking for innovative products, Bubble makes it easier for shoppers who often find themselves shopping on websites with an uncurated, extensive array of options or having to buy directly from a variety of independent brands. To do this, the brand ensures that all products are “Bubble Approved” by meeting its set of nutrition and taste criteria developed alongside nutrition professionals and chefs - they include:

    • Products on Bubble: taste delicious; are made with integrity by a certified, reliable, and safe food sources; boast nutrition benefits backed by whole, organic ingredients.
    • Products on Bubble do not: contain refined and artificial sugars, artificial dyes, trans fats or hydrogenated oils, preservatives or fillers

    “With 79% of Millennials paying attention to ingredients on food labels, Bubble’s vetted, trusted product marketplace is quickly gaining a cult following of young Millennial, Gen Z shoppers - which will be the largest generation of consumers by 2020,” said Young. “Our customers pride themselves on educating themselves on the latest and greatest nutritional ingredients and lead a more proactive and healthier lifestyle than their parents.”

    About Bubble Goods Inc.  

    Bubble Goods Inc. is an online marketplace for new, curated health foods suited to those looking for foods that fit their personalized dietary and functional needs. Founded by Michelin-trained chef and Daily Harvest’s former Head of Product & Operations, Jessica Young, Bubble is on a mission to change the food manufacturing and distribution landscape by removing the limits of previous big food brands and retailers by leveraging it’s lean, digitally native marketplace in order to improve both shopper and new brand’s experiences. Bubble shoppers have exclusive access to 500+ products from independent makers and Bubble’s own in-house products. To learn more about Bubble and sign up for the new product waitlist, visit

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