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BUBBLE Hotspots: Los Angeles
Ria Clemente / /

BUBBLE Hotspots: Los Angeles

LA is famously deemed the mecca for some of the healthiest fare in the entire US. And while some of...

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    LA is infamously deemed the mecca for some of the healthiest fare in the entire US. And where are all the angelenos going out to eat you may ask?  Luckily, we here at BUBBLE take our jobs very seriously in making your life simpler and healthier, and that includes spots to eat out IRL. And yes, all spots adhere to our standards are are totally Bubble Approved.

    We present you with all #BUBBLEapproved restaurants, cafes, farmers’ markets, burger and ice cream spots (yeah, you heard it right!)


    1. Honey Hi    Honey Hi / Via @honeyhi Honey Hi / via @honeyhi

    Sticking out like a sore thumb in a slew of taquerias and panaderias, this little cafe checks off just about every criteria needed to get into the Bubble: sugar-free, NON-GMO, gluten-free, oil-free, and locally sourced ingredients. You know it’s gonna be good for you and extra gorgeous for the gram when a fashion stylist turned nutritionist and chef is making your food.


    2. Mh Zh

    Mh Zh / via

    While the lack of vowels can make it difficult for you to explain to your Uber driver exactly where you’re heading, Mh Zh (it’s pronounced Mah Zeh, btw) is a contemporary take on Israeli/Mediterranean food that’s worth all the trouble. It’s a no-frills restaurant with menus written with Sharpie on brown paper bags, prices that won’t break the bank, and just a real focus on good, delicious food.


    3. Baroo

     Baroo / via

    Welcome to a pickle lover’s dream. Baroo’s fermentation obsessed chef, Kwang Uh, who’s of Korean descent, takes it 10 steps further from his roots and Kimchi, fermenting everything from cherries, grapes, garlic, and even roses (to name a few). The name Baroo stands for a bowl Buddhist monks use and possess till their last breath, this discipline is what they try to portray in their food that aims to show “respect and love to nature and people through “local, sustainable and organic ingredients.”


    4. Moon Juice
     Moon Juice / via @moonjuiceshop

    Most of us know Moon Juice for their supplements ie. Sex Dust, Brain Dust, etc. But everything from the branding to the actual products rockets Moon Juice high on our list of LA hot spots. Although it’s pretty easy to get a hold of their products when almost every Urban Outfitters carries them, a visit to their LA location is just necessary.


    5. Pono Burger

    Pono Burger / via @lynnmillspaugh

    “Pono” is a Hawaiian word that stands for “to do things the right way” and we fully stand by their philosophy that “you are what you eat.” This burger joint prioritizes organic and sustainable ingredients even listing their suppliers on their site #transparency! At this rate, we might just have to forget about In-n-out.


    6. Erewhon Market

     Erewhon Market / via @erewhonmarket

    It’s not easy to stand the test of time in this industry but Erewhon Market has been thriving since 1968. They offer an extensive list of feel-good,
    good-for-you goodies but our Bubble pick is their CBD Inner Peace Shot.
    If a Five-Hour Energy Drink is a rager in Miami, then a Peace Shot is a yoga retreat in Sonoma.

    7. Kippy’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop

    Kippy's Ice Cream / via @kippysicecream

    We promised you ice cream and this ice cream shop does not disappoint. It’s our childhood dreams come true, their guilt-free coconut based creations sweetened with raw local honey or dates means it’s totally acceptable to eat an entire tub right?

    8. Gracias Madre

    Gracias Madre / via Instagram

    For most of us, nothing comes close to our mom’s cooking. But Gracias Madre provides that same love and comfort combined with a plant-based, locally grown, organic fare. It’s the best of both worlds.

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better they also serve CBD cocktails! So go on, stuff yourselves and relax simultaneously.

    9. Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market

    Beverly Hills Farmers' Market / via @pswnano

    No we’re not looking for Louis or Chanel on Rodeo Drive, instead we’re talking cartons of avocados and other fresh produce from 60 different vendors.

    Pro tip: they’re only open on Sunday mornings, so fight that hangover
    and get there early.


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