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BUBBLE Approved: Activated Charcoal
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BUBBLE Approved: Activated Charcoal

With summer only a couple of months away, it’s never too early to think of the best way to detox...

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    With summer only a couple of months away, it’s never too early to think of the best way to detox and prep for swimsuit season 🏖️. This is where activated charcoal comes in. No, not the one for your summer barbecues, we’re talking the ultimate detox. Scientific jargon aside, it’s basically charcoal that has been heated to a point where it expands and creates a porous surface. When consumed, it sucks up all of the toxins in your body. And besides cleansing, it's got tons of other benefits including decreased bloating, reduced high cholesterol, anti-aging, hangover prevention and even gas relief 💨.

    Activated charcoal dates all the way back to ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. And if you work in the medical field, you know that activated charcoal is also used for poison control in the emergency room. During the past few years it has found its way into tons of health foods and food spots.

    Check out our #BUBBLE BACKED, coconut ash A.K.A. activated charcoal picks below!

    1. Round K - Charcoal Latte

    Bubble Blog Round K Coffee Matte Black Latter Lower East Side New York City
    Bubble / Via

    Time to drop that mass produced cup-of-joe you purchase every morning. Round K makes coffee making an art by taking the time and effort to pick and roast their coffee beans while creating unique new drinks that pay homage to old-school Korean cafes. Round K’s Matte Black Latte, gives you that energy boost with a side of digestive cleansing goodness.


    2. Bulletproof - Coconut Charcoal Capsules

    Bubble Blog Bulletproof Activated Charcoal Supplement Online marketplace grocery store
    Bulletproof / Via

    This Charcoal supplement from Bulletproof is made entirely of coconut shells. Huge plus for their vegan friendly capsules, made from high-grade soft pine trees instead of animal-sourced gelatin. These are also versatile, open them up and use the charcoal to whiten your teeth!

    3. Masataco - Activated Charcoal Vegan Tacos

    Bubble Blog Masataco Activated Charcoal Vegan Tacos Online marketplace grocery store
    Masataco / Via

    LA is America’s taco city, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that an LA joint called Masataco makes a delish vegan taco with activated charcoal tortillas. Their tacos are stuffed with jackfruit, mole, salsa verde, pickled onions, avo and house-made aioli. We’re drooling 🤤.
    4. WOW Dark Detox

    Bubble Blog WOW Dark Detox Activated Charcoal Online marketplace grocery store
    WOW / Via

    Starting off with the most basic yet satisfying way to get your activated charcoal fix. WOW creates a blend of cold pressed juices, filtered water, and activated charcoal to create a drink that will help you get closer to a healthier digestive system. And the best part is that they come in three flavors including lemon, lemon & mint, and raspberry.

    5. U-Matcha Charcoal

    Bubble Blog  U-Matcha Charcoal Republic of Tea Online Marketplace
    The Republic of Tea / Via

    There’s nothing better than two of our favorite superfoods coming together and creating the ultimate tea detox. This product is not only good for consuming as a tea, it also doubles as a face mask! Combine with, greek yogurt, honey, and oat flour and fall into your own at-home matcha and activated charcoal paradise.

    6. Activated Charcoal Crispbread

    Bubble Blog Falwasser Gluten Free Activated Charcoal Crispbread Activated Charcoal Supplement Online marketplace grocery store
    Falwasser / Via

    This product makes us want to take the 20+ hour trip down under just to get our hands on them. Falwasser is a company from Byron Bay making wafer thin crispbreads. Their gluten free, activated charcoal version could be the most unique addition to your next cheese board.
    (Zoom in the product photo for one of the best brand messages on a cracker ever 👀)
    5. Broken Coconut Midnight Lemonade

    Bubble Blog Broken Coconut Midnight Lemonade Online Marketplace
    Broken Coconut / Via @broken.coconut

    You’ve heard of farm to table, but have you ever heard of beach to bowl? Although Broken Coconut has only been around for less than a year, they’re redefining healthy eating by promoting ‘sunkissed’ fresh and vibrant ingredients. Their New York location is an Instagram paradise and their menu is filled with goodies like Midnight Lemonade, a simple yet delicious drink with coconut water, activated charcoal and aloe.

    8. Little Damage LA - Taco Ice Cream

    Bubble Blog Little Damaged Activated Charcoal Ice Cream Online marketplace grocery store
    Little Damage / Via

    We can’t lie, the last few picks on our list don’t exactly pass the #BUBBLECODE 100%. But here at BUBBLE, we like work hard and play hard-ish 😉. So we present to you ice cream tacos from DTLA’s Little Damage. This small family business churns out some of LA’s most innovative soft serves including their charcoal ice cream that’s placed inside their made-to-order activated charcoal cones.
    7. Yaso TangBao - Charcoal Soup Dumpling

    Bubble Blog Yaso TangBao Charcoal Soup DumplingOnline marketplace grocery storeYaso TangBao / Via @yasotangbao

    Yaso Tangbao in New York serves authentic Shanghainese street food that’s really more comforting than anything. But one of their menu items caught our eye with its addition of activated charcoal. There’s really nothing better than a little pocket of warm chicken broth, and when it’s wrapped with activated-charcoal dough the whole experience is all the more fun.


    10. Beauty & Essex - Black Tie White Noise

    Bubble blog Beauty & Essex Black Tie White Noise Activated Charcoal

    Beauty & Essex / Via beautyandessex

    Remember when we said activated charcoal can prevent hangovers? Although consuming your activated charcoal in the form of a cocktail may not be the healthiest way to do so, everything’s a balancing act so we’re throwing in a little bit of fun. Beauty & Essex in NY makes a pitch-black cocktail featuring activated charcoal. We’d like to think of this cocktail as one that kills two birds with one stone 😜.


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