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Amazi Foods

Irving, TX

Jackfruit and Plantain Variety Bundle (6-Pack)

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Coconut Oil Plantain Chips: Organically Plantains*, Coconut Oil, and Salt
Olive Oil Plantain Chips: Organic plantains*, Olive Oil, and Salt
Chile Spiced Plantain Chips: Organic plantains*, Olive Oil, Chili Powder, and Salt
Ginger Lime Jackfruit Chew: Jackfruit, Lime, and Ground ginger
Chili Lime Jackfruit Chew: Jackfruit, Lime, and Chili Powder
Ginger Turmeric Jackfruit Chew: Jackfruit, Ground Ginger, and Turmeric Powder
*organic ingredients

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Amazi's Variety bundle--exclusively for BUBBLE--combines their two top sellers, Jackfruit Chews and Plantain Chips. Their Plantain Chips are dried and roasted instead of fried, and simply prepared with oil. The Jackfruit chews are a snack that is as equally tasty as it is healthy. Highlighting the unique flavor of jackfruit, these chewy bites taste like a cross between apple, banana, mango, and pineapple, packed with antioxidants and fiber.

Organically grown in Western Uganda and sourced via Direct Trade and Fair for Life practices.


Comes in an 6-pack: 1 Salted Coconut Oil Plantain Chips, 1 Salted Olive Oil Plantain Chips, 1 Chili Spiced Plantain Chips, 1 Ginger Lime Jackfruit Chews, 1 Chili Lime Jackfruit Chews, 1 Ginger Turmeric Jackfruit Chews, and each bag is 2.3 oz.




Amazi Foods

Irving, TX

Amazi Foods is a mindful food company, selling made-in-Uganda Vegan and Paleo snacks. Inspired by founder, Renee's experience living in Uganda, Amazi is here to help you snack on purpose, by supporting supply chain development, job creation, and farming communities with every bite you take.

Fun Fact: Renee is a Yoga teacher, heavy lifter, and solo dance-party extraordinaire.