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Excelsior, MN

Pear Honey Vanilla Lime Mixer

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Pear, lime, honey, water and vanilla

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Delicate and delightful is how we describe this mixer. The crisp tang of pear, the warmth of vanilla, and a hint of honey and lime create a well-balanced flavor that pairs well with your preferred alc. Or make it a mocktail with a splash of soda water.

As always, we make it simply. Pear, lime, honey, water and vanilla. That's it!


Grab a glass, add some ice, pour Mixly Pear Honey Vanilla Lime, then your preferred alc or soda water, stir and enjoy! All you have to do is pour, mix, drink!


Each 16 oz bottle makes around 6 cocktails.





Excelsior, MN

When it comes to making a great cocktail, we believe the key is fresh, quality ingredients. That's why we created Mixly! We were frustrated by the time and all the ingredients it took to make a great cocktail. And the mixers found on the shelf were even more disappointing -- full of preservatives, lots of sugar, and bad taste. So we set out to make something different. Never sacrificing taste or quality. And because everyone should be invited to the party, whether you drink alcohol or don't, we crafted Mixly to pair with multiple spirits or make it a mocktail with a splash of soda water.