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Plum Deluxe Tea

Portland, OR

Peaches n' Cream Oolong Tea

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Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Apple Pieces, Apricot Pieces, Calendula, Peach/Vanilla Essence.

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🤤 Snacking 🍰 Dessert


Peach is one of the most popular flavors of tea – and we made it even better with some generous lashings of vanilla, making a cup of peaches oolong tea and peach black tea that is beyond deliciousness.

Our base is a blend of both oolong and black teas, paired with peach and fruit pieces. It’s a simple, bold peach tea with gentle and thoughtful touches to create a blanched flavor, not too sweet and yet still incredibly satisfying.

This blend pairs wonderfully with afternoon tea treats or just curl up with Peaches and Cream and a good book.


Steep 1 tsp in 8 oz boiling hot water for 3-4 minutes.


1 oz (approx 15 cups)


Plum Deluxe Tea

Portland, OR

At Plum Deluxe, we carefully select the best ingredients, expertly blend them, and deliver them fresh to you. Our unique flavors and enticing aromas encourage you to take a break and savor life's special moments. We're a family-owned business, and every tea is crafted in small batches with utmost care. Unlike other tea companies, we create our own recipes to the highest standards, drawing inspiration from our founder's travels to tea-loving regions of Europe and beyond.