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Jet Set Natural

New York, NY

Jet Lag Herbal Remedy (8 Capsules)

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Jet Ingredients: hops, lemon balm, valerian root, chamomile, blue passionflower, 5-HTP, zinc.
Set Ingredients: matcha, guarana, rhodiola, schisandra, ginseng, vitamin B6, magnesium.

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Jet Set Natural's Jet Lag supplements are a two-step herbal travel remedy, specifically for jet lag.


  • Take 2 Jet capsules in flight prior to desired relaxation and boosted immunity, take 2 extra Jet after 2 hours to maintain relaxation or at destination prior to sleep.
  • Take 2 Set capsules upon daytime arrival for energizing and restoration benefits. Take 2 extra after 4-6 hours to maintain energy. 
  • For a round-trip, purchase 2 boxes of Jet Set Natural.


Each box contains 8 capsules — 4 Jet and 4 Set. 




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Jet Set Natural

New York, NY

Jet Set Natural is an herbal jet lag remedy created by a Board-Certified Sleep Specialist. Taken in two steps — Jet helps travelers relax and boost immunity in flight, Set to energize and restore on arrival. 

Fun Facts:

How did the founders meet? They’re father and son! Eric Gentry MD, a practicing Sleep Specialist, is Jet Set Natural’s CEO & Founder. His son Alex, serves as COO & Co-Founder.