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Honolulu, HI

Carrot Currant Masala Muffin + Bread Mix

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'Okina flour blend (oats*, almonds*, buckwheat*, teff*, flaxseeds*), maple sugar*, zante currants*, 'Okina baking powder (cream of tartar, arrowroot*, baking soda), baking soda, 'Okina garam masala (cardamom*, cloves*, cinnamon*, cumin), salt
*Organic ingredient

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Vibrant single-origin spices from an intriguing masala blend within these hearty muffins. Added zante currants provide a sweet tang. 

The base of this mix is 'Okina's house-milled, nutrient dense flour blend sweetened with maple sugar. You add the fresh carrots to round out these moist, nourishing muffins. 

How to Enjoy:

Add shredded carrots, applesauce, and choice of milk to baking mix. Whisk, bake, and enjoy!

Pack Size:

One 13.5oz Bag.

More About 'Okina:


Allergy Warning:

Contains almonds. 



Honolulu, HI

‘Okina is an emerging brand in the regenerative food space that’s crafted a new kind of baking mix — one that’s good for you, good for the planet and tasty too. It starts with a farm fresh foundation — whole ingredients grown organically and regeneratively. Each gluten-free, vegan mix is freshly milled in small batches and delivered directly to you.

Fun Fact: 'Okina is a letter in the Hawaiian alphabet that represents a break between two syllables (like "Hawai'i"). 'Okina, as our name, represents a pause that renews both people and the planet.