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Petaluma, CA

Adaptogen Powder + Supershroom Immunity Support Bundle

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Supershroom Immunity Support: Lucuma*, ginger*, reishi fruiting body*, turkey tail fruiting body*, maitake fruiting body*, astragalus root*
Daily Adaptogen Powder: Reishi mushroom*, chaga mushroom*, cordyceps mushroom*, astragalus root*, ashwagandha root*
*Organic ingredients

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This bundle includes 1 Jar of Supershroom Immunity Support and 1 Jar of Adaptogen Powder.

This daily Supershroom Immunity Support blend is a mix of four immune-boosting mushrooms and herbs paired with lucuma and ginger for easy drinking. Nutrient dense and packed with anti-inflammatory, immune-protecting compounds, polysaccharides, this blend supports and strengthens the immune system. 

Goldmine's Adaptogen Powder is a tasty blend of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress on the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceps, ashwagandha, astragalus.


Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once daily (or up to three times). Drink on its own or add to your favorite beverage, like coffee, tea, or smoothies!


1 Jar of Daily Adaptogen Powder and 1 Jar of Supershroom Immunity Support







Petaluma, CA

Goldmine is a woman-owned, CA based wellness brand. Our tasty adaptogenic blends are herbalist formulated to ease stress, boost energy, support immunity, and improve overall wellness. Our goal is to help you think, create, move, and feel your best all day, every day. 

Fun Fact:

Goldmine was founded by a nutritionist + designer duo. Rachael was Tina's nutritionist! They were both feeling burned-out from everyday stressors—so they set out to create natural solutions for the stressors of modern life.