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Honeymoon Chocolates

Saint Louis, MO

75% Haitian + Coffee Dark Chocolate

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Cacao, Raw Honey, Coffee, Cacao Butter

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Haitian cacao and coffee all rolled up into a single bar - sweetened with honey, of course! This 75% Dark Chocolate features cacao from Haiti PISA and Brew for Impact coffee from Haiti farmers, as well (roasted by Kaldis’s). The specific blend of coffee offers more than meets the eye - the proceeds for this coffee go towards building and purchasing homes in North Saint Louis. The blend of coffee also helps fund local contractors to conduct the work. They then provide these safe, stable homes for families and follow up with seminars that focus on their needs.

Honeymoon pledges to make an annual donation with each purchase to honeybee research via The Pollinator Partnership - see the back wrapper for more information on how to help save the bees!


The perfect treat to satisfy your mid-afternoon sweet tooth!



2.2 oz bar




Honeymoon Chocolates

Saint Louis, MO

Honeymoon specializes in bean to bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. Our goals are to address the decreasing supply of cacao and decline of honeybees worldwide, and to allow our consumers to enjoy their favorite foods free of refined sugars. By using honey as our sweetener, our bars boast a lower glycemic index, and trace amounts of beneficial enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. All of our cacao is sourced with price transparency in mind and our packaging is 100% compostable.