What drink is up next for KITH?

What drink is up next for KITH?

Photo: KITH

You might think the convenience store is the number one stop for your canned soda cravings —but KITH is making you think again. Fresh off its Season 4, 105 piece collab with Coca-Cola, street wear brand KITH is releasing a six-piece collection with Sprite. The collection will feature a stadium jacket, tees, hoodie, and socks, according to Hypebeast.

Photo: KITH

According to KITH founder Ronnie Fieg, “I see [this partnership] as two brands who share mutual values and outlooks coming together to create something that the marketplace didn’t have before.”  

Since the collection hasn’t officially dropped, the advertising is on the downlow with the exception of two Instagram posts from KITH and Fieg, who was sporting the Sprite logo jacket. 

Photo: Ronnie Fieg

Though there hasn’t been much hype with the Sprite collab, we expect it to build up. For the Coca-Cola collection, KITH hosted a Honolulu pop up shop on August 2nd, a week before its official global release. As seen on Coveteur, 500 people lined up to take a look and get their hands on some of the pieces.

Photo: Austin Scotti

The Coca-Cola Company isn’t the only group advertising with big-name brands like KITH, Stussy, and New Era. Competitor Pepsi has collaborated with both Fila and Forever 21 in 2019 alone.

Photo: Fila

This comes as no surprise. According to Investopedia, 60% of the non-alcoholic beverage  industry is controlled by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, with a 40% and 20% split, respectively. To compete with one another, the two are transcending from typical billboards and social media ads to walking, wearable pieces.

While we can’t predict what future clothing lines are dropping, we are waiting for that KITH x H2O collab to happen.

Additional Reporting by Michelle Lee

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